Best 20 Realtors® and Agents in Corona

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Dan Jey

20. Dan Jey Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Dan Jey is a dedicated and driven real estate professional who is passionate about helping his clients find their dream homes. With more than 17 years of experience in the industry, he has received several awards and honors, such as the Service Excellence Award and Rookie of the Year in 2015. He takes great pride in his work and is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Dan possesses a profound understanding of the real estate market in Corona and the neighboring areas. He stays updated on the latest industry trends and provides his clients with valuable advice and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Angela Xiao

19. Angela Xiao Keller Williams Corona

Angela Xiao is known for her exceptional attention to detail and efficiency. She specializes in both buyer and listing agent services, as well as property management. Angela has gained a reputation as a rising star in the industry, thanks to her ability to adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics and her flexibility in meeting her clients’ needs. She takes a proactive approach to resolving issues and managing transactions, ensuring that her clients’ objectives are always top of mind. With her positive and personable demeanor, Angela is a trusted and valuable partner throughout the real estate process.

Jesse Ramirez

18. Jesse Ramirez Re/Max Partners

Jesse Ramirez has been working in the real estate industry for over 25 years and is a highly accomplished agent, having won numerous awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award. His parents instilled in him the values of honor, duty, and integrity, which he brings to his work as a real estate agent. Jesse is dedicated to providing exceptional service to his clients and helping them achieve their goals. He also believes in giving back to his community and has volunteered at organizations such as the Encinitas Community Resource Center, St. John the Evangelist Church, and Habitat for Humanity.

Brandon Becerra

17. Brandon Becerra Team Becerra Esquivel

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Brandon Becerra prioritizes affordability and quality service for his clients. He aims to maintain a full-service relationship with his clients and works tirelessly to sell his clients’ homes for top dollar within 30 days of listing them, utilizing his energy for open houses and marketing. He is dedicated to ensuring his clients have a smooth and successful real estate experience through his full-speed approach and unwavering commitment. Brandon and his team prioritize their clients, making sure that their process is transparent and easy to understand. They strive to provide the best possible client service and experience.

Ed Garland

16. Ed Garland Century 21 Garland

Ed Garland has been giving clients exceptional real estate assistance for 23 years. He is known for his expertise and commitment to providing attentive and responsive services to his clients. Ed’s goal is to help homebuyers and sellers achieve their real estate objectives, and his track record of success speaks for itself. He has received the coveted Centurion Award twice, in 2018 and 2022, for his exceptional performance. With his deep knowledge of the local real estate market and excellent customer service skills, Ed is a reliable advisor and advocate for his clients.

Edward Mazmanian

15. Edward Mazmanian Re/Max Partners

Edward Mazmanian has been a successful real estate professional for 28 years and has received numerous awards for his dedication and expertise in the field. Prior to his career in real estate, he briefly worked on Wall Street after earning a degree in business management and marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He obtained his real estate license in 1995 and has been working full-time in the industry ever since. In 2015, he became a licensed broker. Edward is committed to his clients as evidenced by his certification as a short sale specialist and his specialization in residential real estate sales throughout Southern California.

Shelly Larez

14. Shelly Larez Re/Max Partners

Shelly Larez has been working in the real estate industry for nine years and is known for her dedication to helping clients find their perfect homes. Her positive attitude and commitment to the community have led her to volunteer with various local organizations over the years. Shelly understands that listening to her clients’ needs is crucial to finding the ideal home and pays close attention to every detail. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients have a great experience and is always available to guide them through the process of buying or selling a home.

Heather Stevenson

13. Heather Stevenson The Stevenson Team

Heather Stevenson is the president and owner of Stevenson Team and Stevenson Team Construction and has been working in the real estate industry for over 20 years. With experience as a sales agent and the VP of Sales and Marketing in new home sales, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. She uses innovative marketing strategies to ensure that her sellers receive top-of-the-line marketing services throughout the selling process. The Stevenson Team constantly researches the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve in the real estate market.

Michael Killam

11. Michael Killam FNC Realty Group

Michael Killam is an experienced real estate professional and one of the co-founders of FNC Realty Group. He has been in the industry for 19 years and has developed a range of specialties, including buyer and listing agent services. Michael is committed to assisting his clients in finding their dream homes as a dedicated buyer’s agent, and he ensures a smooth home-buying process. His experience as a listing agent ensures that clients receive top dollar for their properties. Michael is also an expert in navigating complex transactions, such as foreclosures and short sales, and has a proven track record of success in these areas.

Daniel Sievers

10. Daniel Sievers Active Realty

Daniel Sievers places great importance on ensuring his clients are completely satisfied. With 15 years of experience in the industry, he has honed his expertise to assist his clients with all of their real estate needs. Whether it’s buying a new home, securing the best loan, or selling a property for the highest possible price, Daniel is committed to providing expert guidance and support throughout the process. His unwavering focus on service guarantees that his clients’ experiences are exceptional and he will not rest until they are completely satisfied. With Daniel’s wealth of experience and dedication, clients can trust that they are in capable hands when navigating the real estate market.

Christine Baker

9. Christine Baker Willis Allen Real Estate

Christine Baker is an accomplished real estate agent known for her friendly and approachable personality. Her exceptional skills in the luxury market have earned her widespread recognition as a top performer in San Diego County, with numerous awards to her name. Christine is deeply committed to giving back to the community and is actively involved in supporting education by promoting scholarship funds for students at San Diego City College. She also serves on the Board of Governors at the University Club and was appointed to the Real Estate and Land Use Institute Advisory Board. Her sincere care and dedication to clients have earned her a loyal following from all over the country.

Diana Renee

8. Diana Renee Keller Williams Corona

Diana Renee has an impressive range of specialties that includes buyer and seller representation, relocation, short-sale, property management, and landlord services. Her entrepreneurial background has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and skills in sales, negotiation, marketing, and customer service. Diana is devoted to providing exceptional service to her clients and ensuring that their real estate transactions are as smooth and fulfilling as possible. Her extensive knowledge and unwavering passion make her an invaluable asset for buyers or sellers of properties. Diana’s track record of winning multiple awards is a testament to the level of service and expertise she consistently delivers to her clients.

Charles Chacon

7. Charles Chacon Charles Chacon Team

Charles Chacon has dedicated 43 years of his career to the real estate industry and has successfully sold over 1,000 homes. His expertise in accurately determining property values and negotiating the best deals for his clients is well-recognized. Charles is also a specialist in rental investments and wealth management, making him a valuable resource for his clients. His passion for the industry and unwavering commitment to excellence have helped him establish one of the most successful real estate teams in California. The team consistently ranks among the top performers in the state, which is a testament to Charles’s exceptional leadership skills.

Susanne Hove

6. Susanne Hove The Caring Realtor Team

Susanne Hove is renowned for her commitment to service, which has been the cornerstone of her career. Her clients know her for going above and beyond their expectations. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Susanne’s meticulous attention to detail is unparalleled. She takes immense pride in ensuring that homes are staged to perfection for top-notch open houses. Her reputation as a realtor who genuinely cares about the needs and concerns of others is well-deserved. Past clients, real estate associates, and current clients frequently refer to her as “the caring realtor.” Susanne’s unwavering dedication and personal touch are the key factors contributing to her success in the industry.

Sean Holmes

5. Sean Holmes The Holmes Team

Sean Holmes is a well-known figure in the real estate industry as the founder of The Holmes Team. He has established himself as an expert in various areas such as sellers, foreclosures, single-family homes, sales, and working with investors. Over the years, he has refined his skills and developed a deep understanding of the real estate market. With 37 years of experience, Sean has a proven track record of success and is highly regarded for his integrity, dedication, and commitment. Given his vast experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, he is a trusted advisor and a reliable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Dave Clark

4. Dave Clark The Clark Team

Dave Clark is a seasoned real estate veteran with over 42 years of experience in the industry. He began his career in 1981 and has been actively contributing to the field ever since. Dave has played a significant role in establishing three Keller Williams Realty franchises in California and has served as the broker of record for more than 500 agents. For the past 15 years, he has focused on developing the Clark Team, which has achieved top 10 status in the Inland Empire. The team has participated in a diverse range of real estate transactions, including standard, short sale, REO, and HUD sales.

John Simcoe

3. John Simcoe Keller Williams Corona

When you choose John Simcoe as your real estate agent, you can trust that you’re not just working with an ordinary marketing specialist or home-finding expert. He boasts an impressive 25-year track record in the industry, and his approach is truly exceptional. He firmly believes that having an expert on your side is essential, which is why he takes pride in being a proven professional. John’s expertise goes beyond just buying and selling properties; he has specialized knowledge in relocation, short sales, and property management. He is dedicated to guiding clients through the often complicated legal and financial processes involved in real estate, offering reliable and comprehensive services.

Oscar Tortola

2. Oscar Tortola Oscar Tortola Group

Oscar Tortola is a seasoned real estate professional with an impressive 24-year tenure in the industry. He leads the thriving Oscar Tortola Group, which is recognized for delivering exceptional service and remarkable results. Oscar has earned a solid reputation as a reputable figure in the real estate sector, with his hard work and unwavering commitment earning him various accolades. Among these is the prestigious Top Real Estate Agents in Villa Park title. Moreover, the glowing reviews from his satisfied clients serve as a testament to the dedication of his team in providing unparalleled customer service. The Oscar Tortola Group is focused on guiding clients through the complexities of the real estate market.

Dustin Sweeter

1. Dustin Sweeter FNC Realty Group

Dustin Sweeter is the proud owner of FNC Realty Group, a renowned real estate company serving the North Orange County and Inland Empire regions. Thanks to his extensive 10-year experience, he has established himself as a reliable and trustworthy resource for his clients. Dustin’s hard work and dedication have been widely recognized, with various accolades under his belt, including being ranked among the top 2% of realtors nationwide for annual closed production. His passion for real estate and unwavering commitment to his clients have earned him respect and admiration within the industry. Dustin is equipped to handle all kinds of real estate needs, from assisting first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors.