Best 21 Realtors® and Agents in Knoxville

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A lovely city in Tennessee, Knoxville has a population of 194,301 and an average property value of $222,758. Living expenses are inexpensive, and a variety of affordable communities are available on the real estate market, making it a desirable option for those wishing to relocate. The city has a rich history and culture, well renowned for having a thriving music scene, and there are many festivals and live music venues all year long. Knoxville is a great place to reside because it has so many fantastic restaurants and shopping alternatives. It will be easy for you to choose the best fit with the help of one of these top-rated realtors.

Pete McClain

21. Pete McClain Realty Executives Associates

Being from a real estate family, Pete McClain is skilled at assisting others in finding the ideal residence. He has a strong background in the industry and a reputation for giving his clients excellent service. Pete is the best option for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Knoxville area due to his knowledge of the local real estate market and commitment to open, honest communication. He has the expertise to walk you through every step of the process, whether you’re a novice home buyer or an experienced investor. Since 2016, Pete has been recognized as one of Knoxville’s Top Producers after selling hundreds of homes in East Tennessee.

Debbie Elliott-Sexton

20. Debbie Elliott-Sexton Alliance Sotheby's International Realty

Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty’s CEO and founder, Debbie Elliot-Sexton, embodies the company’s commitment to honesty and superior customer care. She has developed a thorough understanding of the neighborhood market with a focus on luxury, waterfront, and mountain real estate, offering tailored marketing and focused advertising for each home sale. Her partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty demonstrates her dedication to providing exceptional support, marketing, and knowledge in East Tennessee and abroad. Debbie’s reputation as an industry expert, as well as her unwavering commitment to her clients’ satisfaction, make her the go-to professional for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in East Tennessee.

Catrina Foster

19. Catrina Foster Catrina Foster Group

Catrina Foster specializes in the sales and marketing of a variety of residential real estate assets, including land, condominiums, and planned unit developments. She has assisted many clients in real estate transactions thanks to her extensive industry experience. Throughout the entire buying or selling process, Catrina’s clients can rely on her to give them individualized attention, professional direction, and unwavering commitment. Her enthusiasm and her passion for her line of work is evident in every deal she handles, and she is truly dedicated to turn her clients’ dreams into reality.

Ray Gaudet

18. Ray Gaudet Realty Executives Associates

Ray Gaudet is devoted to his work and deeply concerned with the needs of his customers. He deals directly with clients to ensure integrity throughout the process and offers honest, accountable service. Ray stands out in the industry due to the caliber of his work and experience. His areas of expertise include houses, condos, acreage, rentals, businesses, short sales, and foreclosed homes. Ray is willing to offer advice and knowledge whether you are buying or selling. He is the perfect real estate agent for anyone looking for a dependable and skilled professional due to his diverse skill set and commitment to client satisfaction.

Judy Teasley

17. Judy Teasley Keller Williams Realty

With 30 years of successful real estate experience, Judy Teasley is a reputable and frequently honored real estate broker. She has received numerous accolades for being among the best individual agents in Tennessee, including being named one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Tennessee for 2020 and America’s 100 Top 1% Real Estate Agents for Greater Tennessee. She has over 20 years of experience in new construction with four subdivisions and numerous individual listings, and she values returning customers. Judy is a team player who believes in collaborating with other realtors to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Tammy Garber

16. Tammy Garber Keller Williams Realty

A top-producing agent in Knoxville since 2004, Tammy Garber is a driven real estate expert. She has always worked hard to be an exceptional agent for her clients because she recognizes how important it is to assist them in making knowledgeable decisions about their real estate investments. Tammy is passionate about helping people find the ideal home or sell their property for the highest price using her skills and enthusiasm. She is an exceptional agent who is always bouncing to the beat of life, assisting her clients in making the most of their real estate opportunities thanks to her natural energy and commitment to her clients.

Jon Brock

15. Jon Brock Realty Executives Associates

In the Greater Knoxville Metropolitan Area, Jon Brock provides expert services as a long-time top-producing realtor for both buyers and sellers of single-family homes. Additionally, he has experience selling condominiums, mini-farms, lake properties, and historic properties. All accepted listings are treated professionally and with equal interest by Jon, whose innovative marketing strategies have been recognized locally and nationally for their effectiveness and speedy results. Jon’s real estate marketing programs are tailored, service-filled, and results-oriented because of his marketing background and prior experience working as a bank marketing executive. His dedication to offering top-notch service has helped him build a solid reputation and a following of devoted customers.

Vickie Bailey

14. Vickie Bailey Vickie Bailey Team

Vickie Bailey, the leader of the incredibly successful Vickie Bailey Team, still has the same enthusiasm for her real estate career today as she did when she first started it more than 20 years ago. Since she joined Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, Realtors® in 2009, her team has received numerous accolades, including being named the top Coldwell Banker agent in Tennessee for four years running and the top Coldwell Banker team in Tennessee in 2015. Vickie’s commitment to offering top-notch customer service, her breadth of experience, and her knowledge have all contributed to her development of a solid reputation in the real estate sector.

Kriston Wilson

13. Kriston Wilson Realty Executives Associates

Kriston Wilson’s motivation, commitment, assistance, and expertise are advantageous to both buyers and sellers. She always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her customers. She has a solid background in mortgage loans and new construction, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table to assist her clients in finding their ideal homes or in selling their existing properties. She is an expert negotiator who takes pride in offering superb support and communication throughout the entire buying or selling process. Customers favor Kriston because she is dependable and trustworthy and committed to ensuring that your real estate experience is a success.

Bedros Bozdogan

12. Bedros Bozdogan The Bedros Team

Having lived in Knoxville for over 25 years, Bedros Bozdogan is a skilled and enthusiastic real estate agent who takes pride in all that East Tennessee has to offer. He started out in the industry almost two decades ago, brokering land all over the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. He has also held positions in upper management and sales for two Fortune 500 companies, giving him a unique perspective on the sector. Dedicated and self-driven, Bedros always acts in his clients’ best interests. He’s committed to networking and marketing to find desirable homes and properties and sell them quickly for his clients. He’s regarded as one of Knoxville’s top real estate agents.

Connie McNamara

11. Connie McNamara The McNamara Group

Connie McNamara leads the McNamara Group and is a highly regarded real estate agent. Her team received a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider ranking of #25 nationally and #1 in the greater Knoxville area in 2020. Since the beginning of her career in 2005, Connie has been committed to giving her clients the best service and outcomes possible. She works with buyers and sellers in all price ranges and is aware that choosing the right place to live has more to do with your life, your dreams, and your investments than just real estate. Integrity, open communication, prompt attention to detail, and successful outcomes have helped Connie establish a solid reputation.

Derek Maples

10. Derek Maples Derek Maples Team

Derek Maples is a dedicated and knowledgeable real estate professional. He’s committed to assisting his clients in achieving their real estate goals because of his many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood market. He has won numerous honors and recognitions for his outstanding performance and outcomes, including the Zillow Premier Agent Award and the top producer recognition. Derek has the knowledge and resources to help you through the buying or selling process and make wise decisions, whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor. When you collaborate with him, you’re doing it with a real expert who is dedicated to your success.

Debaran Hughes

9. Debaran Hughes The Hughes Properties Realty Executives Associates

Debaran Hughes is a dedicated realtor who has lived in Knoxville since 1988. She has 22 years of marketing experience and delivers prompt results with honesty and excellent service. Debaran has consistently been recognized with the Realty Executives Associates Double Diamond Award and the Gold Award from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors. She has also consistently ranked in the top three agents for the past four years. Her commitment to clients extends beyond simply helping them reach their goals; she also makes sure their needs are met through ongoing communication and sophisticated marketing. By providing exceptional customer service and being proactive, Debaran believes in building long-lasting relationships.

Eli Corum

8. Eli Corum Next Door Home Group

Eli Corum is a successful real estate agent who was born and raised in Knoxville. He oversees a group of agents who are humble and driven and put the needs of their customers first. Integrity, teamwork, problem-solving, accountability, and candor are Eli’s guiding principles, and they permeate every facet of his professional life. He has assisted hundreds of families in East Tennessee with the purchase and sale of real estate, and he is dedicated to providing each client with exceptional results. Eli is eager to assist clients with all of their real estate needs because he is continually striving to improve as a person, leader, and business owner.

Lucas Haun and Sharon Laing

7. Lucas Haun and Sharon Laing Keller Williams Realty

Sharon Laing and Lucas Haun are renowned authorities on luxury real estate. With a reputation for excellence and service, Lucas is one of the top realtors in the Southeast. A broker and the company’s operating partner, Sharon is credited with helping Keller Williams Realty in Knoxville achieve success. Their partnership has made a significant contribution to the real estate sector, and they remain some of the most recognizable and well-respected figures in the area. Together, as seasoned professionals, they offer tailored service and knowledgeable direction to help clients realize their real estate objectives.

Sharon Bailey

6. Sharon Bailey Realty Executives Associates

Sharon Bailey, a native of West Knoxville, started out in real estate as a part-time secretary while attending the University of Tennessee. Since pursuing it full-time in 1972, she has consistently earned the highest designation from the Knoxville Association of Realtors, including being named top agent of the year in listings and sales. The professionalism, depth of knowledge, and years of experience that Sharon possesses have contributed to her extraordinary success in the field. She continues to rank among the top 10 agents in Knoxville and has won numerous accolades, including membership in Realty Executives’ 100% Club, Top 100 International, and Executive Club.

Billy Houston

5. Billy Houston Billy Houston Group

Leading The Billy Houston Group is Billy Houston, a recognized authority in the field of real estate. He has decades of experience in the industry and has assisted countless clients in buying and selling homes all over East Tennessee. The individualized service Billy offers, treating each person with honesty, integrity, and respect demonstrates his dedication to his customers. Whether a client is buying or selling a home, his team of real estate experts is committed to providing every client with excellent service and knowledge. A successful and stress-free experience is guaranteed by The Billy Houston Group’s wide selection of Knoxville homes for sale and commitment to excellence.

Blake Rickels

4. Blake Rickels Blake Rickels Group

Heading The Blake Rickels Group, Blake Rickels is a well-known figure in Knoxville and East Tennessee’s real estate sector. He enjoys a solid reputation for providing exceptional service and being an industry authority in the area. In order to give clients the best tools and resources to accomplish their goals, Blake and his team of real estate experts stay current on the most recent trends and technologies. Customers frequently compliment him for his individualized approach and for going above and beyond to make sure their experience—whether they are buying or selling a home—is seamless and successful. Blake has an unrivaled dedication to quality work and client satisfaction.

Jay Combes

3. Jay Combes Our Home Real Estate

A rapidly expanding real estate business in East Tennessee, founded and run by Jay Combes, has sold more than 1,100 homes since 2016 for a total of more than $300 million. His dedication to honesty with clients and delivery of the truth in every situation has contributed to his success. His team of diligent agents uses cutting-edge technology and effective marketing strategies to forge successful partnerships with clients, with an emphasis on delivering first-rate customer service promptly. Jay gives each customer the respect they deserve and always puts their needs first. He is committed to assisting clients in achieving their real estate objectives, as is his team.

Carl Young

2. Carl Young Young Marketing Group

Carl Young has extensive knowledge of the neighborhood market as a Johnson City native and longtime Knoxville resident. With the intention of giving each of their clients exceptional service, he established the Young Marketing Group in 2018. Carl has a background in sales and marketing, which gives him a keen eye for detail and a knack for developing individualized marketing plans that target particular customers in various states. His commitment to his clients is demonstrated by YMG’s use of innovative strategies and qualified assistance to make sure that every transaction is a success. They are the #1 Knoxville Real Estate Team under Carl’s leadership.

Holli McCray

1. Holli McCray Holli McCray Home Marketing Group

Holli McCray is a real estate expert who offers knowledgeable advice to clients buying or selling homes. She oversees the Holli McCray Home Marketing Group and uses the “4 Ps” process, which begins with a Professional Consultation and ends with Proven Results, to provide a customized plan that is in line with each client’s goals. Holli’s dedication to her clients is evident in her approach to real estate, as evidenced by her track record of selling thousands of homes over the past few years. She makes sure that each decision is the best one for the person or family involved.