Best 22 Realtors® and Agents in Lincoln

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One of Nebraska’s top cities for relocation is Lincoln. According to, this is due to the low cost of living, affordable housing for buyers and renters, and an abundance of job opportunities. Lincoln’s over 297,000 residents are spread across 76 neighborhoods. Bishop Park, Colonial Hills, and Capitol Beach are some of the best communities for families, according to Movoto listed the median price of homes as $280,000 for its more than 1,300 active listings. Redfin’s 5-year analysis reveals a consistent annual increase of 8.8%, with properties selling in as little as 5 days. Let one of these top-rated Realtors assist you in finding the ideal home.

Noel Herrington

22. Noel Herrington Nebraska Realty

Noel Herrington is the real estate MVP at Nebraska Realty, who knows the game and plays it to win. He’s passionate about scoring big for his clients and has a killer market knowledge that makes him unstoppable. With strong communication skills and an eye for detail, he always makes sure to understand his clients’ needs before finding the perfect property or negotiating a deal that’ll make their dreams come true. Noel is the real deal, with integrity, honesty, and a genuine desire to put his clients first. And let’s not forget that epic beard – it’s not just for show, it’s a testament to his powers of negotiation.

Tim Bayne

21. Tim Bayne Nebraska Realty

Tim Bayne is an 11-year real estate veteran and top-producing agent at Nebraska Realty. He’s more than just a bubbly face . Tim’s got the brains and heart to match, combining market know-how and compassionate customer care to get you the best deal on your dream home. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, skip the snooze-fest agents and work with Tim for a real estate experience you won’t forget. Contact him right away to learn more about the perks of dealing with a true real estate specialist.

Tyler Bebout

20. Tyler Bebout Modern Real Estate

Tyler Bebout is a sassy real estate pro with 7 years and 10 months of experience under his belt. He’s got brains AND brawn, with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and years of on-the-job know-how. He’s all about helping clients get what they want, whether that’s a new pad or a successful sale. He’s got an eye for detail, a gift for gab, and a nose for finding the best properties. In short, he’s the whole package. So why settle for less when you can have Tyler’s wit, wisdom, and winning personality?

Charlie Wilkinson

19. Charlie Wilkinson Lincoln Select Real Estate Group

Charlie Wilkinson of Lincoln Select Real Estate Group is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional, committed to helping clients achieve their real estate goals. With his extensive knowledge of the local market and his passion for excellent customer service, he provides expert advice and guidance to buyers and sellers. As part of a team of dedicated professionals, Charlie leverages his experience to help clients make informed decisions and find their dream home or sell their property for the best price.Choose Charlie for all your real estate requirements, and rely on his in-depth knowledge of the market and dedication to providing top-notch customer service to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Karen Mayo

18. Karen Mayo BancWise Realty

Karen Mayo is a top producer in the real estate industry with 11 years, 3 months of experience. She provides her clients with professional advice and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Wayne State College. Karen is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail, her discernment of her clients’ needs, and her dedication to helping them locate their ideal house. Karen is the expert you can rely on to help you achieve your real estate goals, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor. Her broad expertise and experience make her the best choice for all of your real estate needs.

Gayla Leathers

17. Gayla Leathers Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate

Gayla Leathers is a seasoned real estate professional who holds certifications in Move Safe(TM), Military Relocation Expert(MRP), and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). Thanks to her extensive knowledge and experience, she provides her clients with exceptional care and guidance, assisting them in navigating the real estate process with ease and confidence. Gayla is dedicated in helping any clients in need—military families, senior citizens, or anybody else. She offers a stress-free relocation for military families while also being aware of their unique needs and concerns thanks to her Move Safe(TM) certification, MRP designation, and SRES status. Put your faith in Gayla to help you achieve your goals.

Heidi Cline

16. Heidi Cline Tenacious Realty

Serving the Lincoln real estate market for 11 years, Heidi Cline has given it her all. She’s naturally competitive, focused on getting the job done, and won’t give up until it’s done. Heidi covers a range of properties, including residential, acreage, properties closer to the city, and homes in the country. When she and her husband founded Tenacious Realty, they sought out local professionals who shared their values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. They made the right choice in choosing their members because they have all recently joined Lincoln’s top agents, wowing the public with their abilities and dedication.

Joanne McCoy

15. Joanne McCoy Woods Bros Realty

As one of the most sought-after real estate professionals in Lincoln, Joanne McCoy has earned widespread respect for her extensive knowledge and exceptional people skills. With hundreds of glowing reviews across various online platforms, she has consistently maintained a 5-star rating and has been honored with the prestigious Zillow Premier Agent title. Joanne’s impressive career as a top-performing agent dates back to 2014, during which she has consistently ranked in the top 10% of realtors. She is widely recognized for her exceptional negotiating abilities, always delivering the best possible outcomes for her clients. Having lived in Lincoln for over 17 years, Joanne has become one of the most recognizable and respected names in the local real estate market. Her recent recognition as the “2022 Realtor of the Year” by Woods Bros Realty further underscores her remarkable achievements and underscores her position as a leading figure in the industry.

Derek J Kats

14. Derek J Kats Keller WIlliams Lincoln

Derek J. Kats approaches his work with the goal of making his clients happy. He wants them to accomplish their real estate objectives while also learning about and enjoying the process. Clients adore Derek’s outgoing personality and positive outlook, which is a recurring theme in many of his online reviews. As a result, he has risen to the position of top residential realtor in Lincoln for sales and transactions, and he also held this position for all types of transactions in 2014. Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal have named Derek one of the Top 100 Realtors in the nation.

Connie Reddish

13. Connie Reddish RE/MAX Concepts

Connie Reddish has only been a real estate agent for four years, but she has already won recognition for her abilities and dedication. She is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and has twice been given the Platinum Club and Executive Club awards. Connie has sold 45 homes in the last 12 months, quickly rising to the position of Zillow Premier Agent with a 5-star rating and an endless stream of gratifying testimonials from delighted customers. She has worked in sales for a very long time and has created a number of successful approaches and strategies for selling homes.

Terry Lindstrom

12. Terry Lindstrom EXIT Realty Professionals

Terry Lindstrom does not want to be a subpar agent. He strives to be as authentic as possible with his clients by upholding the same values in both his personal and professional lives. Terry has maintained his reputation for almost 40 years by upholding his familial values in his business dealings and fostering a cozy environment for his clients. His abilities have been demonstrated after serving more than 1,200 clients, so his skills have undoubtedly improved. Many clients have benefited from Terry’s construction knowledge in building and pointing out structural issues for the homes they want to buy, which can make or break a deal.

Jessica States

11. Jessica States Keller Williams Realty

Clients adore Jessica States for her delightful personality, which enhances the brilliance of her expertise and abilities. Due to her social media activity, many potential customers can access her service. Jessica knows how crucial it is to find a home that is the best fit for their family and their particular way of life because she is a mother. She, therefore, tailors her work to each client individually, taking into account their specific circumstances. Jessica has received five-star reviews from her customers and has been named a Zillow Premier Agent, ensuring that she will offer top-notch service.

Joshua Popp

10. Joshua Popp RE/MAX Concepts

One of Lincoln’s top real estate firms is led by Associate Broker Joshua Popp. He has 13 long years of experience as an agent and a wealth of training and experience-based knowledge. Joshua is a multi-award-winning realtor who enjoys the respect of both clients and other real estate professionals. He is one of the top producers in the city because of the long-lasting effects he has on his customers. Joshua is confident in his capacity to offer custom solutions for each special circumstance and in the high value he places on his work ethic.

Bryan Trost

9. Bryan Trost BancWise Realty

Bryan Trost adores Nebraska’s family-friendly atmosphere. His love for the state has been shown in his work, which presents it to clients in all of its unadulterated beauty. Bryan has worked with BancWise Realty, one of the area’s fastest-growing brokerages because he is passionate about helping clients and believes that working with them will enable him to provide better client service. He is aware that their knowledge and analytical tools will be beneficial to him. They have more than 6,500 satisfied customers and have been in business for more than 20 years in Lincoln. Bryan supports their cause, and they give him the tools and support he needs to succeed.

Katie VanderLey

8. Katie VanderLey Keller Williams Realty

As she works diligently, Katie VanderLey relieves her clients’ burdens because she is aware that her clients have lives outside of their partnership. She is organized and meticulous, making certain that no need is neglected and no aspect is missed. Katie works quickly but without rushing so much that she might tamper with the outcome. She places a high value on work ethic and takes great pride in her professionalism and morality. Central Nebraska is Katie’s domain; she is an expert at the game and a welcoming neighbor to the neighborhood and market.

Andrea Schneider

7. Andrea Schneider RE/MAX Concepts

Andrea Schneider has lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, her entire life. Her sincerity and constant willingness to go above and beyond are two qualities that her clients adore. Andrea wants the best for her clients, not settling for what she already has but scouring the market for what is truly best for them. Working with her is always beneficial because you can be sure you’ll get the best service possible. Her dedication to excellence is evident in everything she does, right down to the refreshments at open houses. You can tell that Andrea’s stellar reputation of 14 years is genuine.

Amy Briggs

6. Amy Briggs Kats & Associates: Real Estate Group

Amy Briggs works for Kats & Associates, one of the top teams in the region. They are a group of regional specialists with similar values and work ethics. They are among the top choices in the city and promise to deliver a service that is commendable and professional. Amy holds degrees in both design and business administration. She enjoys math, paperwork, and aesthetics. Her expertise was developed through training and experience, not just lip service. When she’s on the job, it’s like working with a full team because she closes deals with ease and keeps getting better to succeed for her clients.

Michelle Benes

5. Michelle Benes RE/MAX Concepts

A prominent participant in the Lincoln real estate market is Michelle Benes. She has been in the field for 21 years and is an expert. Michelle has survived and thrived through economic ups and downs, so she knows how and when to attack. She works hard to relieve her clients’ stress while demonstrating to them how positively memorable real estate can be. She is well aware of the stresses associated with the industry. Due to all of these factors, she is now a multiple award-winning agent who has completed transactions totaling more than $1 billion. Using contemporary technology to further improve her service, Michelle is continuing to outperform the competition.

Susan Ferris

4. Susan Ferris Ferris Realty Group

The Ferris Realty Group, one of Nebraska’s most reputable teams, was founded by Susan Ferris. Her familiarity with Lincoln extends beyond business; she builds enduring connections with the citizens who make the city the stunning metropolis that it is. Susan manages a lot of Lincoln’s prestigious homes and highly sought-after properties. Her team has reached new heights under her servant leadership, earning praise for their output and client-focused service. As they know the team will deliver and complete the transaction, buyers and sellers swarm to them and ask for assistance.

Johanna Rhoads

3. Johanna Rhoads RE/MAX Concepts

Johanna Rhoads has devoted the last 11 years of her life to the industry, working hard to give clients with various needs up-to-date and competent service. Her efforts were not in vain, as she has received hundreds of reviews with five stars and other favorable comments. Former customers of Johanna trust her abilities and recommend her to their friends and loved ones. Her secret is communication—effective discussion of the subject at hand and telling the truth at every turn, not just talking. Johanna wants her clients’ lives to be better than they were before she met them as well as to close the deal.

Vladimir Oulianov

2. Vladimir Oulianov Woods Bros Realty

The house of your dreams can come true thanks to Vladimir Oulianov’s master craftsmanship. He is one of the nation’s top 0.5% of realtors and has been named one of America’s Top Real Estate Experts by both the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. Vladimir has guided and assisted countless clients through the process while educating them. He has earned a spot among the Top 250 Residential Agents for his superior knowledge, abilities, performance, and client satisfaction. Vladimir won’t give up until all of his clients’ dreams come true once he understands what they want and need.

Matt Mick

1. Matt Mick Lincoln Select Real Estate Group

Matt Mick is aware of how challenging it is to be profitable in the Lincoln market. He recognizes how stressful and time-consuming it can be. Because of this, he has devoted his life to serving clients, assisting numerous individuals going through transactions by removing the stresses and overwhelming aspects of it, allowing them to cherish such priceless memories. Matt’s team, the Lincoln Select Real Estate Group, follows suit, focusing on what is most important to their clients. They take pride in their reputation as top realtors and work hard to provide above-and-beyond service.