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With a rich history and culture, San Juan is one of Puerto Rico’s most energetic cities. Many retirees choose to live there because the housing is affordable, while younger people are attracted to the city’s vibrant business scene. According to, this year’s market is favorable for investors because the median home sales price is currently $390,000. With an average age of 43, a significant number of San Juan’s more than 311,000 inhabitants are potential major real estate consumers. The city is a dream vacation spot for many because it is stunningly beautiful and laid back. These top-rated Realtors will make it simple for you to select the ideal fit.

San Juan Realtors® & Real Estate Agents

Ordorica Realty
Christian Ortiz

Christian Ortiz is a multifaceted real estate agent with knowledge of all the different facets of a real estate transaction. He has experience with mortgage banking because, prior to entering the real estate industry, he worked there. Long before he made it his full-time profession, he was also an investor in the industry. Christian collaborates closely with his wife, Lizbeth Ordorica, the founder of Ordorica Realty. They both rank among San Juan’s top real estate agents. Christian is disciplined and focused when given a task, in addition to being knowledgeable about the market and having skills in investing, marketing, and negotiation.

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Diana Caballero Realty
Diana Caballero

With over 20 years of experience in Puerto Rico’s real estate market, Diana Caballero is a highly skilled and expert realtor. Over the course of her career, she has assisted in the closing of over 500 transactions, many involving luxury homes that are among San Juan’s most sought-after properties. Diana is able to demonstrate the options that are ideal for you, your family, your lifestyle, and your preferences. She is a top-rated realtor, and many reviews highlight her abilities to successfully close deals for clients as well as her market expertise.

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ProVivienda Real Estate
Armando Olive

Armando Olive understands that buying or selling a home is typically one of the biggest investments a person can make. Due to this, he always treats others with the utmost respect and care when handling transactions. Armando works hard to provide his clients with the pertinent knowledge and insights they need to make wise real estate decisions because he cares about their success. He has been giving back to the community for the past 15 years with knowledge that is unmatched and market skills that enable him to close deals with the highest yields.

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San Juan Realty Group
Nick Pastrana

Over the past ten years, Nick Pastrana has dedicated his life to San Juan real estate. He is enthusiastic about what he does and enjoys watching others fulfill their potential. Nick’s service is founded on high standards of integrity and work ethics, tied together by purposeful, exceptional client care. He works with houses in a huge range of price points and can accommodate customers with various spending limits. He also has a degree in economics and is an expert in researching and analyzing market trends. Nick is the agent you need if you’re selling, buying, making rental investments, renting, or building a new home.

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Ordorica Realty
Lizbeth Ordorica

One of the most reputable and widely regarded real estate professionals in Puerto Rico is Lizbeth Ordorica. She has lived in San Juan for 14 years and has accumulated a wealth of experience and local knowledge. Lizbeth graduated from law school and began practicing there before relocating to Puerto Rico. She was born in Mexico. Her deep understanding of the legal aspects of homeownership, particularly with regard to foreclosed homes and distressed properties, has greatly aided her. Lizbeth is regarded as one of the best realtors in the area and is known for her dedication to her customers and market expertise.

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Puerto Rico Sotheby's International Realty
Victor Alonso

Although Victor Alonso is a native of Peru, he spent much of his childhood living abroad. He had the opportunity to experience various cultures, but San Juan was the place where he felt most at home. After more than 18 years, Victor still supports the city as a real estate professional. In order to ensure their comfort, he provides clients with services in three different languages. Victor’s objective is to assist his customers in making wise decisions that fit their particular way of life. He has established himself as a leading producer in all of Puerto Rico.

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Tony Irizarry

Antonio Irizarry, also known as Tony, is an expert in trend analysis and has a deep understanding of the market. A dependable agent with excellent entrepreneurial skills, he can effectively manage paperwork, negotiations, public relations, and communication. Before entering real estate on a full-time basis, Antonio launched several of his own businesses, learning that his clients’ best interests should always be his top priority. Though he offers advice, he always lets customers make the final decision in the buying or selling process. Given his stellar results over the past 3 years, Antonio is undoubtedly destined for even greater success.

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Bruni Lorenzo

Bruni Lorenzo has spent 21 years in the real estate industry, but has been in sales even longer. Throughout her career as a top producer, she’s developed the wisdom that only experience can impart and the shrewdness that only time can sharpen. Both a buyer’s and seller’s agent, Bruni is prepared to handle transactions regardless of the state of the economy. The Puerto Rico market is not always straightforward. It’s very competitive and demands arduous work. However, Bruni is fully aware of how to maneuver through it while completing each transaction efficiently.

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Lynn Rodgers Real Estate
Lynn Rodgers

Lynn Rodgers is a major player in San Juan’s real estate market. She represents a variety of estates at various price points, as well as condos, homes, and commercial properties. Lynn is a very knowledgeable agent who can assist you in locating solutions that best suit your particular way of life. With more than 24 years of experience, she takes the stress out of the buying and selling process. San Juan is not an easy market. Lynn will take care of everything and get things done without letting you down.

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Puerto Rico Properties 101
Giselle Stowell

Giselle Stowell is an authority on exclusive commercial real estate and opulent luxury homes. For the past 10 years, she has been affiliated with the Puerto Rico Properties 101 team. Giselle is proficient with numbers and has a solid understanding of market value analysis. She ranks among the top-producing agents at her brokerage and on the island. She is also an active member of the National Association of Realtors as well as a member of the local CCIM chapter. Giselle’s status as a Zillow Premier Agent ensures she will deliver assistance that meets and exceeds expectations. Growing up with parents who worked in the hospitality and real estate development industries, she had the opportunity to observe excellent customer service firsthand.

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Danton Properties PR
Laura Caruncho

Laura Caruncho is a top-performing and top-producing agent in San Juan. She is the head of Danton Properties PR, one of Puerto Rico’s most respected real estate organizations. With dependable assistance and unmatched knowledge, Laura has been helping clients buy and sell properties for 18 years. She works gracefully while being driven to achieve the desired results. Laura’s clients adore her, earning her rave reviews and a consistent 5-Star rating on Zillow. She is a visionary who wants you to realize your greatest dreams, no matter how lofty they may be.

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Clear Ocean Group
Amanda Grover

Clear Ocean Group, one of San Juan’s most reputable brokerages, was founded by Amanda Grover. One of the key players in Puerto Rico’s market, she achieved more than $100 million in sales in just one year while assisting both locals and relocating individuals. Amanda has a degree in economics and excels at analyzing markets, trends, and numbers. She has previous experience handling contracts as a paralegal, so she is also very knowledgeable about the legal side of transactions. Collaborating with Amanda means working with an incredibly effective team of experts.

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Vida Urbana
Andrés Diaz

Andrés Diaz has more than 13 years of experience in the San Juan real estate industry. He specializes in relocation, property management, consulting, and sales. Andrés is a longtime resident of the city who genuinely adores its beauty. A Zillow Premier Agent, numerous clients have endorsed his excellent service and trustworthy market expertise. When it comes to buying, selling, or investing, Andrés should no doubt be your first choice of Realtors. He has emerged as one of the top producers in not just San Juan, but all of Puerto Rico.

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Agudo Properties, LLC
Andrea Quijada-Agudo

Andrea Quijada-Agudo was inspired to become the agent she is today by her mother, who was also a top real estate broker. After more than 10 years in the business, she still exudes the same passion and excitement she had when she closed her first deal. Andrea has excelled in sales and production in Puerto Rico through her dedication and inherent talent. In addition, she consistently earns a rating of 5 Stars across all online platforms, garnering countless compliments and thanks from customers who have been thrilled with her services.

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Puerto Rico Homes 4 Sale
Ramón Ferreira

Ramón Ferreira is a top individual agent in Puerto Rico. He has consistently outperformed regional brokers in terms of production. Ramón has countless 5-Star reviews online from clients who attest to his knowledge, abilities, and dedication to offering first-rate service. In his 16 years as a licensed Realtor, he has aided numerous families and investors in achieving their objectives. Ramón has the education and experience to effectively walk you through the process of buying or selling a home – and he will personally take care of any issues that may arise.

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Shift Realty Puerto Rico LLC
Harry Carrasquillo

Harry Carrasquillo is one of the most talented young agents in all of Puerto Rico. Among today’s rising real estate professionals, he quickly caught the industry’s attention upon entering the field. After only 2 years working in the sector, Harry has exceeded expectations and has been extremely competitive in a business populated by seasoned professionals. Having earned a degree in accounting and finance, he is very skilled in market research, contracts, and paperwork. Harry’s enthusiasm is infectious and he always uses the most cutting-edge technology to better serve his clients.

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Puerto Rico Sotheby's Int Realty
Margaret Pena Juvelier

Margaret Pena Juvelier is a top real estate professional at Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty. Having worked in the sector for almost 4 decades, she has closed more than $900 million in sales. Prior to relocating to San Juan, Margaret spent 28 years as a senior vice president and broker at Sotheby’s in New York City, where she learned how to succeed in a highly competitive market. She was profiled in The Wall Street Journal for her many accomplishments and record-breaking transactions. As a pioneer in the field, Margaret is your best bet to get you the right deal.

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PR Real Estate
Maria T. Menendez

For the past 5 years, PR Real Estate Listings – A Smart Move has been a trustworthy source for buyers, sellers, and investors in San Juan. They are a highly regarded team that has amassed a sizable number of favorable online reviews. Its agents take care to maintain consistent hard work and place a premium on their high level of customer service. The group closely watches each member to make sure they uphold its values of honesty and integrity. PR Real Estate Listings – A Smart Move can handle all of your property needs.

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Ilia Martinez & Associates, LLC
Ilia Martinez

Ilia Martinez has more than 20 years of experience in the San Juan real estate market, accumulating a wealth of knowledge in the process. She has succeeded despite economic downturns, becoming skilled at navigating the ups and downs of the market. Today, she leads Ilia Martinez & Associates, one of the top-producing brokerages in Puerto Rico. Working with a team, she empowers her staff with her expertise and influences them to reach her same level of success. Ilia is not your typical agent; she will outperform the competition to ensure that her clients win.

Select Listings Puerto Rico Team
Javi Rodriguez

Your go-to expert on luxury San Juan real estate is Javi Rodriguez. He has assisted numerous clients, each with specific objectives, in obtaining the high-end properties they desired. Javi handles everything from homes in exclusive neighborhoods to beachside estates. During his 18-year career, he has consistently been a Top Producer, enabling him to launch his own brokerage, Mi Corredor. In addition, Javi consistently receives favorable reviews on various online platforms. He’s not only one of the most knowledgeable, but also one of the most successful brokers in all of Puerto Rico.

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Caribbean Realty
Eduardo Irizarry

Eduardo Irizarry is the founder and head of The Caribbean Realty Group. In the business for over 24 years, he’s credited with introducing up-to-date technology to the Puerto Rico real estate sector. Eduardo is the exclusive listing broker of the National Select Portfolio Services and has held various leadership positions within the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors. Many clients have benefited from his extensive knowledge of the market and latest industry trends. Whether buying or selling, Eduardo will always provide top-notch assistance, while placing his clients’ needs above all else.

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