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most_responsive Jody Zink

Jody is a full-time Realtor® in Ohio and was born and raised in Indiana. After leaving TV news in 2003, she began a career in real estate. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Jody represents the Toledo Regional Association of Realtors for a three-year term in addition to her employment in real estate. She is also a member of the YMCA/JCC board of directors. She takes great pleasure in putting in a lot of effort and guiding her clients toward the greatest real estate choices. Jody likes to perform yard work and color with crayons while she’s trying to unwind. She also likes to watch Seinfeld reruns and has a secret desire to get a kayak. Jody, an admirer of cats, resides in Old Orchard, one of Toledo’s premier communities. Jody is also a voice actor, so chances are you’ve heard her while on the phone, watching TV, listening to the radio, or riding the elevator.

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