Top 30 Real Estate Agents in Colorado Springs

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Despite the pandemic, the Colorado Springs real estate industry has been consistently booming. According to Norada, it’s a perfect environment for investors because the market is so vibrant and strong thanks to the city’s more than 491,000 residents. Though Redfin believes it has peaked, Colorado Springs is still very competitive, with properties selling in as little as 6 days. Out of 2,755 active listings, Moot has determined that the average completed home price is $212 per square foot. The median income in the area is $64,712, and 28% of Colorado Springs residents are families with kids. Any questions? These top-rated Realtors can provide all the answers.

Jennifer Browne

30. Jennifer Browne, The Browne Team

For more than 10 years, the Pikes Peak area has relied on Jennifer Browne to provide top-notch real estate services. A Five-Star agent on Zillow, she has helped a large number of people find solutions to all of their buying or selling needs. Jennifer is the founder and leader of The Browne Team, one of the most respected groups in all of Colorado. She and her team members get great satisfaction when clients realize their dreams. Jennifer continues to raise the bar for customer care, while upholding integrity and ethical standards.

Becky Gloriod

29. Becky Gloriod, The Becky Gloriod Team

Becky Gloriod has been a highly sought-after agent during her 32 years in the real estate industry. She has long served the Colorado Springs area and has won numerous awards throughout her career. Becky has received recognition as one of the Top 25 Dynamic Women and Top 25 Real Estate Professionals in Colorado Springs. She is the founder of The Becky Gloriod Partners, a team known for its consistent excellence. The group’s agents combine their knowledge of the local market to make clients as informed as possible during each transaction.

Cole Underwood

28. Cole Underwood, The Underwood Group, Inc.

Cole Underwood is the president of The Underwood Group Inc. He’s an expert in helping buyers find their ideal homes and assisting sellers in getting the highest possible profit. Cole has won numerous accolades, including recognition as among the top 5% of Realtors in Colorado Springs. However, the real prize is his steady stream of positive client reviews, repeat business, and referrals. His team has access to the most sought-after listings in the region and uses cutting-edge marketing techniques. The Underwood Group has established itself as one of the city’s most dependable real estate service providers.

Amy Kunce-Martinez

27. Amy Kunce-Martinez, The Cutting Edge, REALTORS

For more than 20 years, Amy Kunce-Martinez has been a top-producing real estate agent, ranking in the top 1% of all brokers. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Amy places a high priority on being more than just a buyer’s and seller’s agent. She also likes to represent the neighborhood. Amy puts a lot of effort into making sure the transaction process is simple and straightforward, from the beginning to the final signing. She is constantly accessible, believing that keeping in touch with clients reduces their stress and enhances their enjoyment.

Tiffany and Brian Canady

26. Tiffany and Brian Canady, The Homebound Team

In order to leave a lasting legacy, Tiffany and Brian Canady have made it their mission to have a significant impact on the people of Colorado Springs. They hope to inspire the next generation to create a sustainable community and leave the world much better than when they found it. The two are the leaders of The Homebound Team, a dynamic group of brokers who are among Colorado’s top 1% of producers. Tiffany and Brian take pride in providing clients with care that’s focused on fostering well-nurtured relationships, as well as getting the job done.

Brian Boals

25. Brian Boals, Team Brian Boals

Brian Boals is one of the region’s top real estate brokers and the leader of Team Brian Boals. His main priority is always the same… getting results. Brian is a member of the RE/MAX Titan’s Club and has sold nearly 500 homes in the area in the last decade. A native of Colorado Springs, he has a thorough understanding of the city’s operations, as well as how to interact with its residents. Brian has been building his team over the last 23 years and has helped countless clients realize their dreams.

Jeff Ryder

24. Jeff Ryder, The Ryder Team

Together, Jeff Ryder and his wife Steph launched The Ryder Team, a group featuring some of the region’s most successful brokers. The two utilize all available marketing channels and have created a large online presence in order to better serve their customers. Whether it be for home improvement, property care, or real estate advice, they consistently update their website with new information. With more than 21 years of experience, Jeff has aided over 1,000 clients in Colorado Springs and the area’s neighboring communities in realizing their dreams of being a homeowner.

Jeff and Kaye Piggot

23. Jeff and Kaye Piggot, Jeff Piggot Team

The aim of Jeff and Kaye Piggot is for their customers to remain enthusiastic throughout the buying and selling process. They want to make it simple and enjoyable, while deftly navigating any potential obstacles. Since 2013, Jeff and Kaye have been named on the list of the Pikes Peak Top Real Estate Agents. The two now lead the JKP Group and put in lots of effort to make sure the transaction process is as stress-free as possible. Jeff and Kaye always make the clients’ needs their top priority and commit to giving them their undivided attention.

Kevin and Tenea (+) Basinger

22. Kevin and Tenea (+) Basinger, Basinger Team

Kevin and Tenea Basinger are inspired when they see their clients find a place to call home as well as a place where they can envision and see their futures taking shape. Making such important decisions is not easy, so they make sure to support their clients throughout the entire process by helping them connect with the right people and providing them with pertinent insights. Your team, the Basinger Team, guarantees that you will accomplish all of your real estate goals with their assistance and care as real estate agents and as neighbors.

Tiffany Lachnidt

21. Tiffany Lachnidt, The Distinctive Group

Tiffany Lachnidt is the leader of The Distinctive Group. They are a team of brokers who have committed to assisting clients in making wise real estate choices. Together, the group members come up with the best strategy and a unique plan for each customer, which they diligently carry out. In 2013, Tiffany sold 27 times as many homes as the average Colorado Springs agent, setting a record in the process. One of the most dependable teams in Colorado Springs, The Distinctive Group has assisted many people in purchasing their ideal homes.

Ed Leyba

20. Ed Leyba, Ed Leyba's Summit Group

With 20 years of experience, Ed Leyba is familiar with all aspects of the real estate business. He has accumulated the knowledge to become one of Colorado’s most sought-after agents. Ed is a marketing and sales pro, and thanks to his deep ties to the community, he has developed a strong network that puts him in touch with the right people. He currently leads the Summit Group and is the CEO of three Keller Williams franchises. Despite having so much on his plate, Ed still finds time to volunteer and support a variety of local charitable causes.

Michael Turner

19. Michael Turner, Michael Turner Team

Michael Turner has over 21 years of experience in the field of real estate. From 2015 to 2018, he was the #1 Realtor in Black Forest and has been ranked #27 in the state of Colorado. Michael has been honored with numerous other accolades, both inside and outside of his business. As owner of The Michael Turner Team, he has been helping clients with a wide range of real estate goals, while covering the majority of Colorado. Many have benefited from the experience of this diverse group of seasoned agents, both in the purchase and sale of their dream homes.

Jean Wheaton

18. Jean Wheaton, The Jean Wheaton Team

Over the course of her 21-year career, Jean Wheaton has won more than 20 awards from RE/MAX alone. She ranks in the Top 1% of all Pikes Peak MLS members in Colorado Springs and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in the state. As leader of The Jean Wheaton Team, she serves Colorado Springs and has a reputation for providing excellent customer support. Jean and her group members do their best to make the buying and selling process simple and enjoyable for both new and repeat clients.

Kerri Denney

17. Kerri Denney, Dream Big Home Team

Kerri Denney had a fast rise to the top after launching her career. Now the leader of the Dream Big Home Team, she knows how the modern real estate sector operates and has established herself online. Being a military spouse, Kerri is aware of how difficult it can be to settle in after a move. She uses this knowledge to ensure that her clients buy houses they will adore, easing the stress of a major life change. Kerri focuses on military relocation, working with people whose circumstances are close to her heart.

Kevin Patterson

16. Kevin Patterson, The Patterson Group

Kevin Patterson is the founder of The Patterson Group, one of the region’s most in-demand teams. Throughout his 37-year career, he’s been honored with a number of awards, including being named one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents by RealTrends. Kevin is beloved throughout the industry and serves as a consultant to both clients and other brokers. His experience in sales and marketing made real estate come naturally to him, though he still put in a lot of effort to get to where he is today. Kevin continues to work hard to build an even more impressive list of accomplishments.

Brian Maecker

15. Brian Maecker, The Brian Maecker Team

Born and raised in Colorado, Brian Maecker is now the leader of The Brian Maecker Team. His group has sold over 2,800 homes in the last two decades. During his 36 years in the business, Brian has received numerous honors, including the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement and Circle of Legends awards. However, it’s his never-ending network of contacts and recommendations that are the real testaments to his success. Brian’s devotion to the community transcends business. He has not only assisted clients in buying and selling the homes of their dreams, but has also made a lasting impression on them.

Derek Wagner

14. Derek Wagner, The Artisan Group

Derek Wagner is the proprietor of The Artisan Group, the #1 real estate team in Colorado Springs. With more than 21 years of industry experience, Derek is personally among the top 1% of all agents in the region. He has helped a large number of clients buy, sell, and invest in various types of properties. Derek and his team members uphold moral principles like integrity, honesty, and openness. When it comes to helping clients achieve their objectives, The Artisan Group continues to serve the community with a fiercely competitive drive.

Brandon Armstrong

13. Brandon Armstrong, Front Range Team

A top Realtor, Brandon Armstrong has a great deal of passion for his work. He always acts professionally, respecting his clients’ personal space and boundaries. Brandon strives to go above and beyond what is expected of him and puts in a lot of effort to complete tasks quickly. Despite his urgency, he always makes sure that no details are lost or forgotten. Brandon is the leader of the Front Range Team, a high-performing group of seasoned agents who are committed to offering Colorado Springs residents the best customer service in the area.

Allen Taylor

12. Allen Taylor, Colorado Home Connection

For the past 10 years, award-winning agent Allen Taylor has served the Colorado real estate market. He is the founder and leader of Colorado Home Connection, one of the most respected teams in the state. Allen is aware that many people dream of owning a home, and he wants to make those dreams come true. As a local, he is intimately familiar with the area and has the knowledge and experience necessary to help clients make wise decisions. Prior to becoming a broker, Allen worked in the retirement investment field.

Greg Luczak

11. Greg Luczak, Luczak Real Estate

Greg Luczak is the leader of the top-performing Luczak Group in Colorado. While taking their needs and preferences into account, he has helped numerous buyers find the ideal home for them and their families… and at the best price. Greg has also assisted sellers in getting the highest offers possible, while never compromising the true value of their properties. He and his colleagues continue to thrive in the Colorado Springs market, while relieving clients of every burden in the transaction process. Thanks to its agents’ intelligence and experience, the Luczak Group has been ranked the #2 team in the state.

Camellia Coray

10. Camellia Coray, CC Signature Group

In 2001, Camellia Coray began working in the real estate industry as a land specialist. She has collaborated with many well-known figures in the field, gaining knowledge from the very best. Camellia is now the leader of the CC Signature Group, the top-ranked real estate team in Colorado. She has lived in the state for more than three decades and has fallen in love with its beauty. As a result, Camellia promotes Colorado to the public as the perfect place to see one’s life, dreams, and labors of love come true.

Lana Rodriguez

9. Lana Rodriguez, The Lana Rodriguez Group

For the past 8 years, Lana Rodriguez has been gaining experience in the Colorado Springs market and has now risen to the top of the real estate sector. As the leader of The Lana Rodriguez Group, she has worked with a number of well-known clients and has access to many of the city’s most coveted homes. Lana is among the top 1% of agents in Colorado and is the #1 Transaction Closed Individual Associate at her firm. She loves giving back to her community by regularly supporting local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Ed Behr

8. Ed Behr, Behr and Behr

The Behr & Behr Team was launched by Ed Behr in collaboration with 4 of his family members. Together, they provide a fiercely competitive service to the Colorado Springs market, with an in-depth knowledge of property transactions. Ed has spent the last 38 years working with his wife, Renee. He is a true industry veteran who was a co-founder and broker of the largest independent, locally owned real estate firm in the state. Ranked among the Top 1% of local Realtors, Ed’s dedication and passion for his work have earned him numerous accolades.

Nathan Johnson

7. Nathan Johnson, Nathan Johnson Team

Nathan Johnson is the leader of The Nathan Johnson Team, a group of brokers who are in the Top 1% of all Colorado agents and among the best in the country. He has assisted countless clients in discovering homes in Colorado Springs and appreciating the beauty of the city. A longtime resident of the area, Nathan actively supports his neighborhood and genuinely cares about the local community. His numerous accolades are merely awards; however, his countless recommendations and glowing reviews are the true testaments to his exceptional and one-of-a-kind service.

Joe Clement

6. Joe Clement, The Clement Group

Joe Clement is one of the most recognized agents in Colorado’s real estate industry. Over the past 40 years, he has received 30+ awards and keeps adding to his list of accomplishments. Joe is a multi-hyphenate who holds many titles. He is the manager of a hand-selected group of experts known as The Clement Team. With knowledge in a variety of areas of the local market, each broker is certain to deliver services of the highest caliber. Joe and his colleagues are ready to help you buy or sell properties in Colorado Springs.

Stacy Kibler

5. Stacy Kibler, Kibler Group

Stacy Kibler is the founder of one of the state’s most prosperous teams. The Kibler Group is among Colorado Springs’ Top 2% of Peak Producers, with its brokers holding the #4 and #7 spots in the entire region. Stacy is extremely dedicated to her career because she’s doing what she loves. She considers each transaction in detail and ensures that every requirement is met. While Stacy may already be successful in her field, she is constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of her work and get even better.

Jeffrey Johnson

4. Jeffrey Johnson, The Johnson Team

Jeff Johnson is the owner of The Johnson Team, one of the top real estate groups in all of Colorado. His team works hard to ensure that the result of every transaction is success. Jeff’s motto, “We Never Drop the Ball,” has proven true and has greatly influenced the group. With the aim of helping clients have a seamless and enjoyable experience, he constantly reminds his team members of their work values and fundamental principles. Under Jeff’s direction, the group builds beds for the homeless and helps neighborhood kids in foster care.

Treasure Davis

3. Treasure Davis, The Treasure Davis Team

Treasure Davis is the owner of the Treasure Davis Team, one of the top-performing groups in the region. With a combined 70 years of experience, its brokers are committed to serving Colorado Springs and the nearby communities. The team members make sure clients are updated during each step of the transaction process and point out every resource that’s available to them. The group has received numerous prestigious awards and is ranked among the Top 1% of Colorado teams. Treasure is also renowned in the military community for helping both active-duty and retired service members.

Tonya Marie Towles

2. Tonya Marie Towles, Firm nameThe PCS Pro Team

The PCS Pro Team is run by Tonya Marie Towles. Her goal is to make it simple for military families to sell and purchase the home of their dreams. As a spouse of a veteran, Tonya understands how they feel and wants to offer them more than just real estate services. She wants to reduce the anxiety and stress that come with property transactions. The PCS Pro Team is made up of military families and veterans who want to support one another on their quest to find the ideal home.

Monica Breckenridge

1. Monica Breckenridge, Pink Team

Monica Breckenridge is a well-known real estate agent not only in Colorado, but also across the country. According to The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends, she is currently ranked as the #1 broker in the state and #4 nationwide. Monica is the leader and CEO of Pink Realty, a group of agents serving most of Colorado. In order to divide and conquer the industry, the team has divisions for each city and county they cover. Monica is passionate about bringing light into people’s lives, and she is very successful in doing so by helping them achieve their real estate goals.