Top 28 Real Estate Agents in Detroit

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Detroit has one of the nation’s most affordable housing markets. According to Redfin, its current median sales price is $85,000 and it has an average annual increase of 9.3%. With over 624,000 people living in the city, Detroit has one of the Midwest region’s densest populations. Investors have long favored the area due to its affordability and high rental returns, per Norada. Just this year, the number of homes sold increased by 3.8%, reaching a peak of 465 in a single month. To help you decide what’s best for you, we have listed the top-rated Realtors in the area.

Boyd Rudy

28. Boyd Rudy, Dwellings Michigan

Boyd Rudy is already an entire real estate boutique on his own. He offers above-and-beyond service and is knowledgeable about the various aspects of transactions. Boyd’s expertise will safeguard your rights and ensure a peaceful exit when it comes to your properties, regardless of the mortgage, finance, loan, shortfalls, or foreclosures. Because of his solid reputation in the metropolitan market of Michigan, buyers, sellers, and those in need of advice turn to him. Boyd was a longtime leader in the field and recently joined Keller Williams Living as a Lead after leaving Dwellings Michigan.

Philip Grosso

27. Philip Grosso, Keller Williams Macomb St Clair

With more than 36 years of experience in the business, Philip Grosso is a seasoned real estate expert. He has consistently produced millions of dollars and has been in the top 5% of realtors in the US since 1996. Philip is a skilled builder, investor, and assessor who is prepared to offer a full range of services. He has been a long-time resident of the region and he loves it both as a neighbor and as a business owner. Philip is incredibly qualified; for him, real estate is akin to a second home.

Brandon & Brett Schmidt

26. Brandon & Brett Schmidt, The Estate Realty Group

Twin brothers Brandon and Brett established The Estate Realty Group. With a goal of assisting clients in making wise real estate decisions, they have more than four decades of combined professional real estate experience. Both Brandon and Brett are renowned top producers, Hall of Fame inductees, and top agents. They are a group of knowledgeable locals who are very familiar with the neighborhood and the market. They collaborate with numerous incredible service providers, builders, and other professionals so that their clients can easily get in touch with them. One of these is Gemini Homes, a specialized custom-build business with which Brandon also works.

Margaret Dresser

25. Margaret Dresser, RE/MAX New Trend

Margaret Dresser is a native of Michigan. Numerous clients have benefited from her knowledge of the area in order to better understand what it’s like to live in metro Detroit. An expert in her field, Margaret is currently one of the state’s most renowned real estate consultants. She has received numerous Platinum Awards, is a member of her firm’s Chairman’s Club, and was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Margaret takes great pride in her ability to work well with others and communicate effectively. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Madonna University.

Nancy Warson

24. Nancy Warson, Real Estate One-wb/fh

For Nancy Warson, a former athlete, working in the competitive metro Detroit market came as naturally as swimming in water. Her work ethic and customer service skills are built upon the discipline and perseverance she acquired during her training. Nancy strives to live by the Golden Rule and always acts morally upright and with integrity. Her career has soared thanks to her endearing persona, which has generated a sizable number of satisfied customers. Even after more than 20 years in the business, Nancy still adheres to these values and maintains her modesty.

James Haidar

23. James Haidar, Re/max First

James A. Haidar’s goal is to assist clients in realizing their real estate aspirations. As a local resident as well as an agent, he has extensive knowledge of the state of Michigan. Consistently winning awards, James was named as one of the Top 1% of Realtors by HomeLight. He has also been recognized by Hour Magazine and Detroit Home as an All-Star Realtor and among the Top 5% of Real Estate Agents for 6 years running. With 18 years of experience, James is confident in his abilities and thorough understanding of the market.

Jan Dijkers

22. Jan Dijkers, Berkshire Hathaway HomeService The Loft Warehouse

In Michigan, Jan Dijkers is well-versed. She has over 17 years of experience in the field of real estate and a track record of positive client reviews. Jan excels in several real estate niches and genuinely enjoys the process of getting to know her clients. Her goal when serving clients is to hear their stories, fulfill all of their needs, and, if possible, go above and beyond. Whether they are buying, selling, or investing in real estate, Jan wants them to enjoy the process, pick up some tips along the way, and realize their goals.

William Frohriep

21. William Frohriep, CENTURY 21 Town & Country

One of the top real estate agents in the business is William Frohriep. Although he has been in the industry for more than 50 years, he is still succeeding, achieving new milestones, and scaling new heights like a newcomer to the game. With his extensive knowledge of the Detroit metropolitan area, William is a sure bet to help you achieve all of your objectives. Despite having a solid understanding of the industry, William continues to learn and innovate, utilizing the most recent advertising tools and embracing the Michigan market’s fast-paced environment.

Andrew Whisler

20. Andrew Whisler, The Whisler Team

Andy Whisler, aka Andrew Whisler, is the owner of the multimillion-dollar, award-winning group The Whisler Team. Its agents work on a variety of properties that are bank-owned, in foreclosure, or slated for urban development. With nearly 12 years of experience, Andy is an expert in real estate investments, rentals, single-family homes, and condominiums. In order to stay on top of every stage of the transaction process, Andy and his team members do lots of research on the latest trends in the Michigan market. They put significant effort into finding new properties, making smart advertising choices, and developing the best negotiation strategies.

Alex Saad

19. Alex Saad, Remax Team 2000

Award-winning Realtor Alex Saad has a network of contacts that is constantly expanding. With more than 14 years of experience, he continues to serve clients with the same enthusiasm he had when he first started, but with a deeper understanding of how the market functions. A RE/MAX Hall of Famer and recipient of their Platinum Award, Alex always makes sure to provide seamless, trouble-free transactions. He truly believes that helping clients involves more than just assisting them with the process; it also entails encouraging and supporting them as they pursue their goals.

Shana Sine Cameron

18. Shana Sine Cameron, Sine & Monaghan Realtors Real Living Llc

A top-producing agent in Grosse Pointe, Shana Sine Cameron has extensive knowledge in the field of real estate. With 30 years of experience in the industry, she has established herself as one of the most well-known figures in the Michigan market. Shana has been featured in Top Agent Magazine and was among Hour Detroit’s Top 5% of Realtors in 2022. Her areas of expertise include residential, downsizing, condominiums, waterfront, and commercial properties. Shana has helped both novice buyers and seasoned investors, offering the right insights to suit each client’s individual situation.

Robert Agnello

17. Robert Agnello, RE/MAX

Since starting his career as a real estate agent in 1994, Robert Agnello has advanced through the ranks to become one of Michigan’s most in-demand brokers. After just 3 years on the job, he became one of the Top 1% of all Realtors in the United States. RE/MAX has given him over a dozen prestigious awards in recognition of his work, including being named to their Chairman’s Club and Hall of Fame. Robert holds several designations, such as Luxury Real Estate Properties Specialist and Relocation Specialist. He consistently receives Five-Star ratings from clients, all of whom are happy to recommend him.

Diane Remer

16. Diane Remer, Diane Remer & Associates

For more than 27 years, Diane Remer has consistently ranked among the top agents in Southeast Michigan, helping countless clients solve their real estate needs. There’s no denying her market knowledge and endless drive, which continue to provide clients with an unmatched experience. Since 1998, Diane has consistently been named one of the top 3% of sales agents in the nation and a member of the top 5% of real estate professionals. Her amazing record of strong customer feedback leads to constant referrals, thanks to her integrity, honesty, and wisdom.

Jason Minnick

15. Jason Minnick, Market Elite

The owner and lead broker of Market Elite is Jason Minnick. Thanks to the help of his team, Jason has maintained his position as one of the most dependable real estate agents in Michigan. With a career spanning more than 21 years, he has supported thousands of clients. Jason is an escrow-affiliated buyer’s representative, listing agent, and property management expert. As an advisor, he also assists customers by educating them on mortgages and property financing. Jason is ready and willing to complete every task needed to close a deal and see to it that all of your objectives are satisfied.

Chad Jishi

14. Chad Jishi, Keller Williams Professionals

Chad Jishi is the founder of the Chad Jishi Team, one of Michigan’s most successful real estate groups. He has personally sold more than 1,500 homes during his 14-year career. Currently one of the top-producing agents in the state, Chad remains successful by continually looking into the newest marketing and advertising techniques. He typically serves 300 clients per year and takes responsibility for every transaction, making sure deals are closed with ease. Chad has consistently remained one of the most respected agents in Michigan thanks to his leadership, wisdom, and in-depth market knowledge.

Justin Woodbeck

13. Justin Woodbeck, Thrive Realty Co

Justin Woodbeck is the owner of Thrive Realty Co., a group of skilled and enthusiastic agents handling the Detroit metropolitan area. He has become one of the top local property experts, thanks in part to his incredible people skills, street-smart thinking, and high level of discipline. Justin co-founded Thrive with his wife, Jessica, and the two are successfully building a real estate empire. Thousands of clients have benefited from their assistance in buying, selling, investing, and finding the perfect neighborhood for their families. Previously, Justin worked as a police officer in Detroit.

Kirsten Scopacasa

12. Kirsten Scopacasa, Scopacasa Real Estate Group

Kirsten Scopacasa has worked in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. She is the leader of the Scopacasa Real Estate Group and has a 7-year history of being a top producer. Her team features intelligent and respected brokers with impeccable industry knowledge. Its members are committed to embracing the changes in the ever-evolving real estate market. They sell more than 300 homes each year through their innovation and complete concentration on their clients’ needs. Kirsten personally holds memberships in the USAA, Smart Home Certified, and Luxury Living NRC.

Andrew Hargreaves

11. Andrew Hargreaves, Hargreaves Group Real Estate

The award-winning team, the Hargreaves Group Real Estate, is named after its founder, Andrew Hargreaves. The group has received numerous honors for being Michigan’s top sales team over the course of many years. The Wall Street Journal, RealTrends, and The Washington Post have all featured Andrew on multiple occasions and have recognized him for his accomplishments in Michigan’s competitive market. Not only is he considered one of the top agents at his firm, but also in the entire country. Andrew is widely regarded as one of the most dependable brokers you can find.

James Silver

10. James Silver, The James Silver Team

James Silver founded The James Silver Team, a group of elite real estate professionals serving the Detroit metro area. The team members have 100 years of combined experience and know the most pertinent ways to buy, sell, and invest. They have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends as being among the Top Real Estate Agents and Top Real Estate Teams. James has personally been named one of the Top 5 Agents in Michigan. One of the most reputable advisors in the region, he specializes in a variety of real estate, from waterfront homes to high-end commercial properties.

Garrett Huffman

9. Garrett Huffman, Exp Realty - Novi

Garrett Huffman spent 8 years as a member of a prestigious real estate team. He eventually rose to become its leader before making the decision to form his own group. Over the course of his more than 10 years in the business, Garrett has worked with over 1,000 clients, helping them buy, sell, and invest in a variety of property types. He is a well-organized individual who places a high value on discipline. Garrett uses these qualities to reassure customers that he will know exactly what to do whenever an obstacle is encountered.

Michael Perna

8. Michael Perna, Keller Williams Advantage

Michael Perna is the CEO of The Perna Team, which caters to real estate buyers, sellers, and investors in the Greater Detroit area. The group has expanded to include over 100 talented Realtors and has closed more than 4,000 deals. Since obtaining his license 22 years ago, Michael has also become a well-known industry speaker. Newer brokers seek out his coaching advice because of his in-depth knowledge and business expertise. Michael has assisted clients with a variety of needs, but he concentrates on residential real estate, new construction, and resale.

Jolene Jacobs

7. Jolene Jacobs, Good Company

Jolene Jacobs is a native of Michigan who has excelled in everything she does, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Central Michigan University. Because of her constant drive, she has always wanted to launch her own company, which is how her real estate career began. Jolene has developed into a skilled negotiator and a valuable agent for her clients, thanks to her background in communications and undeniable people skills. She now oversees a team of Realtors who work together to serve the Detroit metropolitan area. Jolene is also a recipient of the Focus on People Award, which is issued by Henry Ford Health.

Ronnie Ahmad

6. Ronnie Ahmad, The Ronnie A-Team

Ronnie Ahmad began his real estate career as an investor before deciding to become an agent. This decision allowed him to have a workaround in paying commission fees. Ronnie then quickly advanced through the ranks and is now a top-producing broker with Keller Williams Legacy. Five years ago, he founded the Ronnie A-Team, which is responsible for selling an average of 200-300 homes every single year. The group has been recognized as among the Top 1% of all American businesses and in the Top 5% of Michigan firms for sales.

Mark Zawaideh

5. Mark Zawaideh, eXp Realty

Mark Zawaideh expresses gratitude to the real estate industry for everything he and his family have become. Originally a bartender with a meager upbringing, Mark’s career took off when his aunt encouraged him to become a Realtor. After dabbling in the market for just two years, he had a new full-time job. Since 2003, Mark has sold more than 4,500 homes, totaling a staggering $1 billion in sales volume. During his 20 years in the business, he has consistently been a highly ranked agent by The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends.

Erick Monzo

4. Erick Monzo, The Monzo Group

Since entering the real estate market at age 19, Erick Monzo has established a sterling reputation for himself. He is the leader of The Monzo Group, a team of expert brokers who have received numerous accolades. The Wall Street Journal named them one of the Top Teams in America and the #1 Team in Michigan for homes sold. They have also been honored as a Top Listing Group and are ranked among the Top Sales Agents. Coming from a long line of Realtors, Erick has never stopped growing throughout his 23 years of experience.

Jeff Glover

3. Jeff Glover, Jeff Glover & Associates

Jeff Glover was born and raised in Michigan. He began his real estate career at the age of 19, selling 30 homes in his first year. Jeff has a thorough understanding of the local market and a wealth of contacts, helping him guarantee effective strategies and bold bargaining tactics. He has been the #1 Realtor in Michigan for 10 years and has earned the nickname “Mastermind” among his peers. In 2021, his group, Jeff Glover & Associates, was recognized by RealTrends as the top team in Michigan by sales volume and ranked #1 for having the state’s most favorable reviews.

Jason Matt

2. Jason Matt, exp realty

Jason Matt has been a licensed Realtor for over 22 years. He holds a business degree from the University of Michigan and has a background in finance studies. Jason’s focus is on assisting families of all sizes in either purchasing the homes of their dreams or selling their current residences and relocating. He serves clients from various racial and cultural backgrounds and is fluent in both English and French. Jason is also the founder of The Jason Matt Team, a group of top local agents who continue to provide service to the Detroit market. The team members are all dedicated to ensuring a seamless real estate experience.

Desert Klein-Kassab

1. Desert Klein-Kassab, Gravity Real Estate Group

Desert Klein-Kassab works for Max Broock Realtors in Detroit and is one of the team leaders for Gravity Real Estate Group. He oversees Gravity’s digital infrastructure and sets the company’s overarching strategy as their technology and social media expert. Gravity represents the culmination of Desert’s numerous innovative initiatives. He incorporates fundamental system technologies that facilitate the real estate transaction process for everyone. Desert creates both the physical and digital brand presence for the group. Southeast Michigan customers can depend on Desert and Gravity for all of their real estate needs.