Top 29 Real Estate Agents in El Paso

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El Paso’s real estate market is growing, and in 2018, Trulia ranked it as the #4 hottest one to watch. It’s the ideal place to live and pursue a career, according to Norada Real Estate Investments. With a consumer population of over 684,000 and an annual average home price increase of 15%, El Paso is becoming an important investment hub. According to, the city’s properties cost between $14 and $240 per square foot. Among its 159 neighborhoods, there will be one perfect for your way of life. Finding the ideal Realtor can be difficult, so we’ve selected only the best for you.

Daniel Kubinski

29. Daniel Kubinski, Crowned Eagle Realty Llc

At a very young age, Daniel Kubinski developed a love for real estate. His first property purchase was when he was still a teenager. Nobody had any faith in his claim that he could sell it for more money than he had paid for it. It took Daniel only 5 months to sell it for 26% more than the asking price. He had known ever since that he belonged in the real estate industry. He has made sales that are more than half a billion dollars and has won numerous accolades. Since selling a property for $19,000, Daniel has come a long way, but his heart hasn’t changed.

Jesus Briseno

28. Jesus Briseno, Home Pros Real Estate Group

Jesus Briseno is a charming and knowledgeable agent. It’s a breeze to collaborate with him thanks to his delightful personality. Jesus is an extremely diligent worker who performs well under duress. He has been in real estate for the past 8 years and has mastered how to handle transactions when unforeseen obstacles arise. He has assisted a lot of families in selling their homes and buying their first homes. He embraces change wholeheartedly and uses all available technology to his clients’ advantage. Jesus is honest and forthright, with no hidden agendas from his clients. He is an agent and friend who genuinely cares.

Rick Moreno

27. Rick Moreno, Moreno Real Estate Group

Rick Moreno has worked in both New York City and Los Angeles. He gained excellent work ethics, interpersonal skills, and work discipline there. Since returning to El Paso, Rick has made it his mission to offer the best service in the area. He has learned how crucial providing for clients is. He has provided trustworthy real estate advice to locals for the past 13 years, offering pertinent insights and direction to families considering buying, selling, or investing. Rick sets a goal and works diligently to achieve it, making sure nothing is missed along the way.

Matt Rice

26. Matt Rice, ClearView Realty

El Paso native Matt Rice is an ardent supporter of his hometown and is working to improve it one client at a time. He takes great pride in his work, especially in how he treats the people he works with. Beyond his education, experience, and training, Matt makes sure he is capable of giving clients care they won’t soon forget. Using his knowledge of the real estate market and custom strategic planning, he creates the ideal plan for each circumstance. For his clients, Matt goes above and beyond, going the extra mile to make sure everything turns out as planned.

Yajaira Lopez

25. Yajaira Lopez, HomePros Real Esatate Group, LLC

Yajaira Lopez believes that the ability of an agent to achieve the best results is everything in a transaction. She has devoted the last 11 years of her life to real estate and has come to understand how crucial it is to assist clients in identifying their true desires and concentrating on fulfilling those desires. Yajaira has devoted her entire professional life to developing her knowledge and character, expanding her network, and conducting strategic research. She wants her clients to sell their homes for top dollar and purchase the ideal home for their particular lifestyle as a family. And Yajaira makes all of these possible.

Silas Baca

24. Silas Baca, EXP Realty

Silas Baca is an El Paso native. His familiarity with the area dates back to his early years, and he has always loved the city he calls home. Now, as a business owner, this knowledge gives him a unique perspective for each neighborhood, enabling him to provide the clients different options with pertinent information. At a very early stage in his career, Silas helped 100 clients complete a successful transaction in a period of 4 years. Since then, he has steadily expanded, helping more and more local families. Being a very sociable individual, he enjoys getting to know his clients, learning about their lives, and basing his service on them.

Lina Miramontes

23. Lina Miramontes, JP & Associates REALTORS El Paso

El Paso native Lina Miramontes has been a Realtor for 15 years. With a wealth of knowledge of the local market and fluency in both English and Spanish, she is one of the most trustworthy agents in the region. In addition to residential properties, Lina specializes in commercial real estate, vacant land, and new construction. Prior to becoming a broker, she worked as an account executive at a bank, learning finance and customer service skills that have transferred perfectly to real estate. Lina studied at the ITESM school, earning a degree in international business as well as a master’s in business administration.

James Benoit

22. James Benoit, BorderView Realty

James Benoit is a million-dollar real estate producer with 8 years of industry experience. He takes great pride in matching his clients’ needs and objectives to their next residence or investment property. Skilled in general construction, electrical work, and plumbing, James has amassed a large network of reputable, qualified contractors. He has been improving houses for more than 7 years and still finds great joy in the process. James has lived his entire life in and around El Paso. He has three wonderful children and has been happily married for more than 15 years.

Jessica Mendoza

21. Jessica Mendoza, The Real Estate Power Houses

When navigating real estate investments, Jessica Mendoza has studied the economic ups and downs of recent years and has used this knowledge to her advantage. She serves those who are interested in purchasing and selling homes, structures, and new construction. Jessica also helps clients with remodeling and financing, putting them in touch with the best local resources available. In the business for almost 18 years, she is still expanding and updating her practice with the latest technologies. Jessica has supported hundreds of customers in her career, assisting them in achieving their specific real estate objectives.

Yasir Einaudi

20. Yasir Einaudi, The Real Estate Power Houses

Yasir Einaudi, also known as Yas, is a skilled negotiator in the El Paso real estate market. He began his career after realizing that the city lacked agents who were friendly to clients and investors. Yas made the decision to work in the industry because he believed he had something unique to offer. He receives a significant portion of his business and partnership opportunities from recommendations made by happy clients, as well as from friends who trust his judgment and abilities. Yas is also a committed member of his community and works as a volunteer youth counselor.

Paty Zavala

19. Paty Zavala, ClearView Realty, LLC

Paty Zavala began her real estate career in 2014 as a property investor before becoming a licensed agent two years later. Passionate about supporting customers the best way she can, Paty listens intently while keeping her advice straightforward. She stays in touch with her clients throughout the entire transaction process and is available until the deal is fully closed. Her advice and insights on the El Paso market are invaluable, with the goal of offering the best client care in the city. Paty earned her MBA from The University of Texas at El Paso.

Marcos Bustamante

18. Marcos Bustamante, CENTURY 21 Clark Brothers, Inc.

Marcos Bustamante has amassed a solid track record of 5-Star reviews featuring comments from numerous satisfied customers. Because he values family, he gets pleasure from assisting households of various sizes find an ideal residence. Working with Marcos is a pleasure, with all of his clients considering him a bright spot throughout the buying or selling process. Since launching his broker career more than 5 years ago, he has developed a specialty in both new construction and resale homes. Marcos’ exceptional service already portends a prosperous future for him in the industry.

Yvonne Russell

17. Yvonne Russell, Yvonne Russell Realty Team

Established by Yvonne Russell, the Yvonne Russell Realty Team has grown to be one of El Paso’s top real estate groups. Thanks to her law background, Yvonne has helped numerous clients with the legal facets of their transactions. She and her team members work hard to offer the most up-to-date marketing techniques so they can connect with a wider network of buyers and sellers. In addition to serving customers in both English and Spanish, Yvonne places a high value on listening to every client and responding to each one’s unique needs.

Gustavo Aguilar

16. Gustavo Aguilar, Exit East Realty

El Paso is home to esteemed Realtor Gustavo Aguilar. He has been assisting customers in both English and Spanish for many years. With his guidance and expert knowledge of the region, he has helped both sellers and buyers close deals quickly. To ensure that no detail is missed or compromised, Gustavo encourages his customers to ask questions. He also assures them that all of their needs and goals will be met. Gustavo never stops learning and educating himself, which allows him to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and market innovations.

Isaac J. Olmos

15. Isaac J. Olmos, Mario Ayala Real Estate Group

Isaac J. Olmos is extremely knowledgeable about El Paso, including the ups and downs of the city’s real estate market. In every business transaction he handles, Isaac takes great pride in his work ethic and integrity. Even though he has only been a Realtor for 5 years, he has already assisted many clients in navigating El Paso’s buying and selling markets thanks to the network of referrals he has built. Isaac has established a solid rapport with those in the industry and has emerged as one of the city’s resale listing specialists.

Claudia Abraham

14. Claudia Abraham, The Real Estate Agency

Claudia Abraham is a third-generation real estate agent. She is the kind of career woman who has maintained the drive she had when she first joined the industry. You need an innovative mind in a competitive market like El Paso, and Claudia is the perfect candidate for the job. Using her youthful perspective which many traditionalists miss, she helps her clients have the most straightforward real estate transactions possible. Claudia is not only a successful broker, but also an experienced businesswoman with a broad network of contacts. She puts her heart into every endeavor which makes her excel in whatever she pursues.

Karina Ochoa

13. Karina Ochoa, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

Karina Ochoa has over 17 years of experience in the financial, mortgage, and real estate industries. She has been a Gold Circle of Excellence honoree during her past 4 years as a broker. Karina is a member of the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Texas Association of Realtors. She strives to offer clients service that goes above and beyond by providing in-depth guidance and unique insights. Throughout her storied career as a Realtor, Karina has closed several multimillion-dollar transactions and has become one of the most respected agents in El Paso.

Ramona Hull

12. Ramona Hull, Exit East Realty

Born and raised in Germany, Ramona Hull began selling real estate 7 days after arriving in the U.S. and hasn’t stopped since. She has received numerous awards over the past 20 years, including being honored as one of the 10 Best Real Estate Agents in 2020 by the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals. Being a breast cancer survivor, Ramona donates a portion of her earnings to numerous charities that support and fund cancer research. She strives to provide a level of service that helps empower her clients in making educated real estate decisions.

Paulina Longenbaugh

11. Paulina Longenbaugh, Cornerstone Realty

El Paso is very dear to Paulina Longenbaugh. She is incredibly proud to live in one of the safest cities in the country, where residents have access to a first-rate healthcare system and top-notch educational opportunities. Besides being both a buyer’s and seller’s agent, Paulina focuses on relocation and investment advising. In addition, she has always had the desire to support the city and is an Exclusive El Paso Homes for Heroes Specialist. Paulina graduated from New York University with a degree in transnational and persuasive communication, giving her excellent negotiating abilities.

Laura Baca

10. Laura Baca, The Real Estate Power Houses

Laura Baca is an authority on the Canutillo and El Paso real estate markets, providing service to the region for almost 30 years. She is an expert in residential real estate, new construction, opulent homes, and even high-end equestrian properties. Laura pays attention to each client’s personal narrative and makes an effort to have an impact by improving their quality of life. She prides herself on upholding her strong work ethic, exemplary customer service, and market expertise to ensure that each client is more than happy with the end results.

Karen Thoreson

9. Karen Thoreson, ClearView Realty, LLC

Over a decade ago, Karen Thoreson got her first job in the real estate business. Previously, she spent 20 years working in the design industry before moving on to residential construction and property management. With a clear eye for architectural beauty, Karen is the perfect broker to help clients find their ideal residence. They can be assured that none of their property needs will be neglected or compromised. Karen is also a skilled seller’s agent who has assisted many clients in getting some of the top prices on the market.

Jese Gonzalez

8. Jese Gonzalez, Re/Max Associates

Jese Gonzalez can provide a solution for almost any of your real estate needs. She has established a team and large network of contacts to give her clients the smoothest possible experience. Jese knows all the top managers, designers, contractors, lenders, and other professionals in town who can help before and after a deal closes. Over the past 17 years, she has amassed more than one hundred 5-Star reviews as a result of her excellent customer service. Jese will personally guide you through the sale of your current property or purchase of the home of your dreams.

Kristen De Santiago

7. Kristen De Santiago, The Real Estate Power Houses

Kristen De Santiago is an expert on the distinctive culture and market of El Paso, having been born and raised in the region. In 2018, she was highlighted in The City Magazine El Paso, which recognized her as a formidable force in the real estate industry. With 13 years of experience in the field, Kristen continues to strive thanks to her strong work ethic and professional demeanor. She is extremely trustworthy, goal-oriented and results-driven. Kristen has established herself as a true real estate powerhouse in the Greater El Paso area.

Russell Harper

6. Russell Harper, ClearView Realty, LLC

A Five-Star agent on Zillow, longtime El Paso resident Russell Harper provides individualized real estate assistance unlike anyone else. His friendly demeanor makes working with him a pleasure, ensuring that clients receive the kind of service that makes them feel welcome and at ease. As an agent for the #1 brokerage in El Paso, ClearView Realty, Russell aims to always put the needs of his customers first. He is helpful, meticulous, and extremely knowledgeable about the local market. Russell is committed to making sure every transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Rosemary De La Rosa

5. Rosemary De La Rosa, ClearView Realty, LLC

Expertise, empathy, and professionalism are the pillars of Rosemary De La Rosa’s real estate practice. She is an El Paso native with a long history in customer service who values honesty and hard work. Rosemary received her business and marketing degree from New Mexico State University, gaining valuable knowledge that helps her flourish to this day. She works closely with her clients to create a precise and well-coordinated plan for each stage of the transaction process. An active member of the community, Rosemary is a marketing assistant volunteer at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Ray Borrego

4. Ray Borrego, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

At ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate in El Paso, Ray Borrego is recognized as one of the Top Producing Brokers in units and was named one of the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in all of Texas. Offering full-service assistance is Ray’s specialty, which includes giving clients the best advice throughout the buying or selling process. His generous nature and dedication to serving others have earned him a 5-Star rating time and time again. When he’s not closing property deals, Ray is a volunteer for Junior Achievement USA and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Debbi Hester

3. Debbi Hester, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

Debbi Hester is the most prosperous ERA Realtor in west Texas and a proud native of El Paso. She is praised for being ERA’s top producer in the city for 8 years straight. Debbi is an absolute professional who consistently goes above and beyond for her clients, which helped her be named One of the Best Agents in the U.S. by RealTrends. The El Paso Symphony, the Junior League of El Paso, and El Paso Pro-Musica are just a few of the nonprofit organizations that Debbi has devoted years of service to as a dedicated community volunteer.

Dennis Estep

2. Dennis Estep, Home Pros Real Estate Group

Dennis Estep is a highly respected broker who was named one of ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate’s Top Producing Agents in units. Having been in the industry for many years, he continues to set the standard in customer service. Dennis has made it his goal to simplify and streamline the transaction process for all of his clients in and around El Paso. As leader of his own team, he takes pride in being your mentor. Let Dennis help you find your ideal home, secure the best loan, or get you the most money when you sell your current residence.

Chasity Rosales

1. Chasity Rosales, Preferred Closing Specialists

Chasity Rosales is an incredibly motivated, client-focused, and compassionate broker. As leader of the Preferred Closing Specialists team, she strives to meet the needs of her clientele and has a personal philosophy of choosing patience over pressure. Born into a family of builders and contractors, Chasity has the best eye for spotting real estate flaws and perfection. She is one of the most dependable agents in El Paso because of her unique enthusiasm for life and the people she meets. Chasity also regularly gives back to the city by volunteering in Army Community Outreach positions.