Top 16 Real Estate Agents in Enterprise

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Featuring a large population of diverse residents, more than 244,000 people call Enterprise home. Comprised of 5 major neighborhoods, the city has 156 schools, a booming business community, and a thriving gaming industry. Enterprise serves as a popular vacation spot and gathering place for many workers and families. Housing is reasonably priced for such a bustling district. According to Movoto, there are an incredible 8,000+ homes on the market that sell for a median price of $490,000. In terms of atmosphere and community, the best neighborhoods are Southern Highlands and Mountain’s Edge. We’ve listed the top Realtors in the area who can assist you in finding your dream home.

Danny Phee

16. Danny Phee, Danny Phee | Real Estate Agent

For 8 years, Danny Phee has provided top-notch real estate assistance to the Vegas Valley. Throughout his career, he has dealt with various property types, closing special deals that call for particular skills. Good thing Danny didn’t hesitate to make an investment in his education. His clients have faith in his abilities and know that he will handle transactions the right way. A top agent in the area, Danny has served many devoted repeat and referral customers. You will understand why he has a 5-Star rating after experiencing his service.

Donna Brass

15. Donna Brass, Nevada Realty Solutions

Donna Brass is aware of the potential complexities of the real estate industry, becoming an expert in both short sales and foreclosures as a result. She wants her customers to know their rights and be shielded from troublesome mortgages. As a skilled negotiator, Donna offers clients the best options whether they are buying or selling. Having worked in the field for 22 years, she has seen it all. Donna’s knowledge is unparalleled, and she is incredibly resilient. As a 5-Star agent, she won’t give up until the job is done.

Christina Kinney

14. Christina Kinney, Elite Realty

Even after more than 16 years in the business, Christina Kinney is still learning new things. She is aware that the real estate industry is ever-evolving and necessitates continuous research. As a top-selling broker, Christina has tested what works and what’s effective. Her goal is to locate the ideal residence for clients at the ideal cost. Collaborating with Christina is like working with a friend who genuinely cares about your future; her consistent online rating of 5 Stars speaks volumes about who she is and the quality of her service.

Chaely Chan


For almost 20 years, Chaely Chan has been a force in the real estate industry. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, she assists numerous migrant families in finding housing in Nevada. Although the market will always have its ups and downs, Chaely finds the process exciting and a new way to utilize the skills she’s acquired during her career. She ranks among the top Realtors in the city and significantly boosts local property buyers and sellers. Chaely won’t let you down and will demonstrate what it means to truly triumph.

Camila Lincowski

12. Camila Lincowski, Platinum Real Estate Professionals

Camila Lincowski brings everything new and innovative to the market. She understands that the industry is evolving and the game should be played with the goal of winning. Camila makes sure that her clients receive unparalleled service and knowledge that goes above and beyond expectations. Her customers appreciate this and send messages of gratitude for her abilities and creativity. Camila is a Zillow Premier Agent and has received numerous 5-Star reviews online. For 6 years, she was consistently chosen as among the Best of Las Vegas and is listed as one of the region’s highest-producing brokers.

Belen Clark

11. Belen Clark, Elite Homes Engel & Völkers

Belen Clark hopes to make her clients’ lives better. She wants them to succeed in their endeavors and smoothly enter the next phase of their future. Belen places a high value on family and works hard to provide the best care for her customers. She brings skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge of finance from her more than 17 years in the field. Belen has connections to the top service providers in the city and is proficient with contracts and paperwork. A top-producing Realtor, she is a key figure in the industry and a reliable representative for many long-term clients.

Angie Lauer

10. Angie Lauer, Angie Lauer

Broker Angie Lauer is well-known in the Vegas Valley. She works with a variety of real estate but is particularly focused on residential properties. Numerous pleased clients have left Angie positive reviews, giving her top ratings across the internet. Her years of experience in customer care have contributed to her ability to maintain constant communication with clients. Angie has been recognized for her skills by consistently being ranked among the Top 250 Agents in the Valley. She’s happy to live in such a lovely place and hopes to share her knowledge with potential new residents.

Alicia Cruz-Rivera

9. Alicia Cruz-Rivera, EasyStreet Realty

Nevada has been Alicia Cruz-Rivera’s home for the past 10 years. In contrast to her native New York, she and her family fell in love with the state’s relaxed charm. Alicia decided that obtaining her real estate license was the best way to represent the area she adores. As a creative thinker, she will undoubtedly bring fresh ideas and strategies to your offers and listings. Alicia isn’t afraid to try new things, which is a good quality in a market that’s constantly evolving. In 2021 and 2022, she directed her team to record-breaking sales by closing $8.8 million in deals.

Genesis Jameson And Ryan Staggs

8. Genesis Jameson And Ryan Staggs, Keller Williams Las Vegas

When it comes to finding the right Realtor, Genesis Jameson and Ryan Staggs are among the best choices in the county. Their 5-Star ratings on various online platforms attest to their excellent customer service and ability to navigate the market. Although each of them is a high-ranking agent, working together allows Genesis and Ryan to reach more clients and provide better assistance. They are among Nevada’s top teams and top-dollar brokers. It’s simple to place ads and attract customers, but experts on the local market are hard to find. Fortunately, Genesis and Ryan are just a phone call away.

Delinda Crampton

7. Delinda Crampton, " Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties"

Delinda Crampton has over 21 years of experience in the industry and a 5-Star rating as an agent. She is genuinely passionate about what she does and takes great pride in her work. Delinda enjoys meeting new people, but seeing them succeed in their goals casts a different kind of light on her life. She received the coveted Las Vegas Life 5-Star Client Satisfaction Award for her outstanding level of customer service. Delinda is trained to handle all types of real estate transactions and she always does so with a smile on her face.

Michael Marino

6. Michael Marino, Realty ONE Group

Nevada is familiar territory for Michael Marino. He has spent the last 18 years working in the community and continues learning about it. Michael understands the impact of market changes in a region with such a fast-paced economy. Before becoming an agent, he was a client who made home purchases before realizing he had a talent for the industry. Michael’s innate abilities in market analysis and negotiation not only helped him grow his initial investments but have aided many customers in realizing their dreams. He has survived the business’s ups and downs and learned how to take advantage of every circumstance.

Ehren Alessi

5. Ehren Alessi, Life Realty District

For the past several years, Ehren Alessi has been a top agent in the region. After two decades in the field, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Ehren knows what matters most in business dealings and only takes actions that will benefit his clients. His marketing strategies are innovative, current, and stand out in a competitive environment like Nevada. Ehren values unwavering customer service, being honest with his clients and making sure he is there for them at all times. He wants to be true to himself both at work and in his personal life.

Aaron Taylor

4. Aaron Taylor, eXp Realty/The Real Estate Guy

One of Nevada’s top teams is led by Aaron Taylor. He is a well-regarded agent who has received countless recommendations and glowing reviews online. In the past 28 years, Aaron has aided over 7,000 clients and has earned the title of “The Real Estate Guy.” Even after all of his success, he continues to be the same person, giving his customers sincere attention and allowing them to make their own decisions. Aaron will not only guide you through the process, but he will use his top-notch negotiation skills to close the deal efficiently.

Marja A. Davis

3. Marja A. Davis, Signature Real Estate Group

Although there are many agents in the market, Marja A. Davis understands how challenging it can be to find one who is truly reliable. She always ensures that her work is built upon integrity and dependability. Though she’s received many accolades, Marja believes that positive reviews and ratings from clients are her real measure of success. She works diligently and with excellent character to assist people in buying and selling properties throughout Nevada. You can rely on Marja’s reputation as a sought-after, top-selling broker who always puts her customers first.

Anthony Knight

2. Anthony Knight, Knight Real Estate Group

Anthony Knight got his start in real estate at a young age. At 19, he made his first home purchase and realized his fervor for the industry. After receiving his license 23 years ago, Anthony discovered an even greater passion for helping people and improving their lives. Throughout his career, he has consistently been one of the top Realtors in Nevada. Anthony is currently the leader of the Knight Real Estate Group, a top team in the state. With over 3,000 homes sold and more than 6,500 happy customers, its brokers are among the best in Clark County.

Donovan Reyes

1. Donovan Reyes, Realty One Group

For 8 years, Donovan Reyes has provided superior customer service in Enterprise and Clark County. You need someone who is familiar with the region and its residents to find you the right deal. Working with Donovan is the best option because of his large network of contacts and thorough understanding of the area. As a Zillow Premier Agent, his customer satisfaction rate is extremely high, and his online reviews demonstrate his talent and diligence. In the past year alone, Donovan helped numerous families achieve their real estate goals by selling over 100 properties.