Top 29 Real Estate Agents in Memphis

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According to Redfin’s analysis, Memphis receives inbound migration from all four corners of the nation. Families make up most of the 630,000 people living in the city. Norada advises potential investors to take a long look at the Memphis market because of its consistent appreciation and median sales price of $175,000. A full custom house build costs between $87 and $130 per square foot, with a basic design averaging $109. The price-to-sales ratio is high (97.5%), which is good news for property owners. Most people in town have a lot of confidence in these top-ranked Realtors.

Sam Tiwana

29. Sam Tiwana, KAIZEN Realty

Sam Tiwana is a diligent, disciplined, and gifted real estate agent. He takes great pride in his work and is determined to put in the extra effort for his customers. Sam is devoted and tenacious, working nonstop until the task is finished and the desired outcomes are realized. He understands that there are many fantastic realtors with experience and skills on the market, but he is sure that working with him will give you the chance to receive unmatched service. Sam was ranked second in his office and had a sales volume of $600 million. He has sold more than 2,000 homes and earned commissions totaling over $14 million.

Vanessa Marshall

27. Vanessa Marshall, Benchmark At Southwind, Llc

Real estate has been the focus of Vanessa Marshall’s life for the past 25 years. She is aware that for most of us, achieving this goal will take a lifetime. She puts in an endless effort to make this enjoyable and unquestionably memorable for that reason. Vanessa holds the Graduate of Realtors Institute designation in addition to being an Accredited Buyers Representative. She is qualified to handle all forms of real estate and clients because she has received the best training and tools. Working with Vanessa will make it clear why her slogan is “I put out the fires before you ever knew there was a fire.”

Melinda Crosslin

26. Melinda Crosslin, Crye-Leike, Inc., Realtors

Melinda Crosslin is a top real estate agent in Memphis. She collaborates closely with her husband, Eddie, to serve the Tennessee real estate market. Melinda has worked in the industry for 24 years and has assisted numerous families with all of their real estate needs. She is extremely effective and excels at what she does. Melinda has been named one of North America’s top residential sales professionals by The Realty Alliance for almost two decades. She has left her company with many notable accomplishments under her belt and has received numerous accolades for her real estate expertise.

Mark Saller

25. Mark Saller, Premier Realty Group, Llc

Mark Saller was raised in a real estate family. He works with homes of every variety, including brand-new constructions and distressed homes. In the past 34 years of his career, Mark has gathered an unrivaled level of experience and has aided hundreds of people in buying and selling homes. He has a thorough understanding of Memphis and has faith in his ability to provide clients with insightful advice and top-notch support. Mark won’t let you down; he’ll see to it that your business dealings are handled with the utmost respect and constant care.

Michelle Creamer

24. Michelle Creamer, Groome & Co Realtors

With 20 years of real estate industry experience, Michelle Creamer is an absolute veteran. Whether working with seasoned investors or first-time homebuyers, she is an expert in residential properties and has assisted hundreds of clients. Michelle takes great pride in not only her labor of love, but also her extensive knowledge of the Tennessee market. She wants every transaction to fully satisfy her customers’ needs and to leave a lasting impression on them. Michelle is a native of Memphis and is very familiar with both the metropolis and the suburbs that surround it.

Maureen Fraser

23. Maureen Fraser, John Green & Co., Realtors

Award-winning real estate agent Maureen Fraser began her career in 2006. A wife and mother, she always conveys to each client the beauty her family sees in Tennessee properties and the city itself. Maureen doesn’t accept delays, and will stop at nothing to prevent them. She works hard to make sure everything goes smoothly because she understands how crucial the buying or selling decisions are to the families she supports. Maureen has received numerous honors, including the HR Houston Leadership Award. She is also a lifetime member of the Multimillion-Dollar Club.

Melody Bourell

22. Melody Bourell, Marx-Bensdorf Realtors

Since launching her career in 2005, Melody Bourell has been helping clients invest in real estate, sell at the right price, and purchase their ideal homes. A lifetime member of the Multimillion-Dollar Club, she provides clients with insightful information, exhibits a strong work ethic, and is committed to finding the perfect deal. Melody wants her customers to be completely satisfied with every decision made, so she makes sure they fully comprehend every step of the transaction process. Previously, Melody was a top sales rep for SYSCO, the country’s largest food distributor.

Tina Andrade

21. Tina Andrade, Fast Track Realty

Since 1999, Tina Andrade has worked as a top real estate agent, initially focusing on sales and later on construction. She is sensitive to a range of cultural diversities when serving clients. Throughout her career, Tina has expanded her customer base and now holds licenses in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. She has earned the Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor and Military Relocation Professional designations. Tina takes the most pride in remaining passionate in helping others make one of the most important decisions of their lives. She is constantly involved in charitable causes and contributes actively to her community.

Ashley Wisch

20. Ashley Wisch, Ashley Wisch Team

Ashley Wisch was raised in the inner city, where she was exposed to Memphis’ bustle at a young age. She previously worked in real estate financing, assisting both domestic and foreign investors. Ashley learned the value of hard work early in life from living in an urban setting, and she is now renowned for her perseverance. A real estate broker for more than 10 years, she currently leads the Ashley Wisch Team, a group known for building strong relationships with Tennessee’s consumers. You will undoubtedly recognize the benefits of working with such experienced and well-respected agents.

Jessica Brown

19. Jessica Brown, REMAX Experts, LLC

Being a Memphis native who comes from a family of builders and developers, Jessica Brown had no hesitation when she decided to start a real estate career. Her exceptional client service has not only given her a network of positive reviews, but also enduring friendships, providing her with a large number of referrals. A former CPA, Jessica guarantees the best deals for buyers, sellers, and investors because she is an expert in numbers. Her clients can be confident that she will complete every task without missing any deadlines. Jessica has been honored with multiple awards and is a member of the Multimillion-Dollar Club.

Danny Freeman

18. Danny Freeman, The Freeman-Tilson Group

Born and raised in Memphis, Danny Freeman has always had a special affection for the city. His passion for discovering local properties was therefore completely natural to him when he decided to become an agent. Danny embraces Memphis’ expansion because he’s excited about how rapidly it’s changing. He’s received numerous prestigious awards throughout his 38 years in the business, including being recognized as one of the Top 1% of agents in sales in the Greater Memphis area. He also co-founded The Freeman-Tilson Group, a small team of elite brokers who all put their faith in their local knowledge.

Tracie Benetz

17. Tracie Benetz, Moving Memphis Group

For the majority of her adult life, Tracie Benetz has called Memphis home. As a resident for almost 25 years and an agent for more than a decade, she has seen firsthand the dramatic change in the local real estate industry. Along the way, Tracie and her family founded the Moving Memphis Group. Her team members support each client through education, while serving them with integrity and professionalism. If a customer puts their trust in Tracie, she will bring them the best real estate experience the city has to offer. She also provides her services in both Afrikaans and English.

John Quinn

16. John Quinn, John Quinn Team

A seasoned Realtor, John Quinn of the John Quinn Team sets the bar high and continually breaks new ground. At the beginning of his 34-year career, he brought the Guaranteed Sale Program to Memphis, which promises that if a home isn’t sold for the price the client wants, John will buy it with cash. He’s been able to accomplish this mission because of the faith he has in his ability to close deals. John’s group sells 200 homes annually, which is astronomically high compared to the area’s typical agents. John takes pride in outperforming every other broker in the region.

Rebecca Edwards

15. Rebecca Edwards, Lumiere Team at Keller Williams

With the purpose of highlighting people’s “lumiere,” or light, Rebecca Edwards founded the Lumiere Team at Keller Williams. People often look to move to accommodate their growth or when they find the home of their dreams. The goal of Rebecca and her team is to make people’s lives happier and lighter, and to give their clients the enjoyment of a seamless buying or selling process. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, she teaches many people about financial independence and investing. Rebecca is also extremely knowledgeable about the local area, including Memphis, Bartlett, and Oakland.

Josh Hisaw

14. Josh Hisaw, Josh Hisaw Realestate Team

Josh Hisaw has almost 15 years of experience in Memphis’ real estate market. Along with his group, the Josh Hisaw Real Estate Team, he has achieved considerable success in the field. He offers a 45-day guarantee known as the “Josh Hisaw Guarantee,” which is only made possible by his confidence in his abilities to get deals right the first time. As a result, the team sells 400% more than the average real estate agents in the area. Josh, the group’s leader, has devised a strategy that utilizes current advertising channels in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Leigh Martin

13. Leigh Martin, Hobson Realtors

Leigh Martin has over 22 years of real estate experience in Memphis and has spent the majority of her life there. She is one of the select few agents who has received Sowell’s Top Producing Award continuously for the past two decades. In addition, Leigh is a lifetime member of the Memphis Area Association of Realtors’ Multimillion-Dollar Club. She specializes in finding the best mortgage rates and relocating businesses of various sizes while meeting their individual objectives. Leigh has extensive knowledge about a variety of real estate properties in a range of price points.

Jason Wallace

12. Jason Wallace, Wallace Group Home & Loan | Keller Williams Realty

You can confidently call Jason Wallace a seasoned player in the industry. As the firm’s owner, he has led the Wallace Group Home & Loan team members to rank among Experience Score’s Top 1% of Agents. Jason places a high value on education and learning. He continues to build his knowledge and encourages other Realtors to do the same. With 20 years of experience, Jason holds a Military Relocation Professional designation in addition to other specializations. He has also been named one of the Memphis Business Journal’s Top 25 Brokers.

Anna Bishop

11. Anna Bishop, Crye-Leike, Inc., REALTORS

In Memphis and West Tennessee, Anna Bishop is one of the top-producing real estate agents. She has a remarkable track record of converting listings into profitable sales and is an expert seller’s representative. But Anna’s never-ending drive is what really makes her stand out in the field. She enjoys navigating the inevitable ups and downs of real estate and makes sure to take all of the stress off of her clients’ backs to ensure a quick and easy transaction. Anna also takes great pride in her unique strategies and careful planning.

Michael Bryan

10. Michael Bryan, Bryan Realty Group

Michael Bryan was born and raised in Memphis. He started his real estate career with a few sporadic property investments, but soon developed a passion for helping others complete some of the biggest transactions of their lives. Along the way, Michael founded the Bryan Realty Group, of which he is still the owner. Michael holds onto his early experiences as an investor, recalling the areas where his previous agents fell short. He uses these moments as a learning model for where he should concentrate when helping his own clients. Michael aims to offer a comprehensive, in-depth, and customer-focused service.

Michelle Hayes Thomas

9. Michelle Hayes Thomas, Hayes Homes and Realty, Inc

Michelle Hayes Thomas is a lifetime Multimillion-Dollar Club member with over 1,000 homes sold, and the owner of Hayes Homes & Realty Inc. She has amassed hundreds of 5-Star testimonials and reviews from delighted clients in Tennessee, where she has built a real estate empire. Michelle is now one of the most sought-after agents in the region. Working with buyers, sellers, and investors, she personally manages her team and oversees every transaction. Michelle has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and has much familiarity with the Greater Memphis area.

Mike Parker

8. Mike Parker, Marx-Bensdorf Realtors NEW: The FIRM | Memphis Real Estate

Mike Parker is a native of Memphis and has 20 years of professional real estate experience. He was granted a lifetime membership in the Multimillion-Dollar Club within the first 5 years of his career by the Memphis Area Association of Realtors. Early on, Mike established a name for himself as the “downtown condo expert,” selling a number of condominium projects for developers. He is adept at negotiating pre-sale conditions, purchase consulting, and contracts. Having grown over the past few years, Mike’s company now serves Collierville, Midtown, Germantown, and East Memphis.

Joshua Spotts

7. Joshua Spotts, The Best Spotts

In the Greater Memphis area, Joshua Spotts is dedicated to serving the real estate needs of both buyers and sellers. As a top-producing agent, he strives to give clients the best level of service possible. Joshua achieves great results by utilizing his extensive market knowledge, a strong network, and a clear marketing strategy. He and the members of The Best Spotts team are renowned for their vigor and for feeling the thrill of a job well done. Joshua loves to give back to the community and is a member of the board at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Jimmy Reed

6. Jimmy Reed, Marx-Bensdorf Realtors

Jimmy Reed’s customer service is distinguished by his straightforward responses and expert advice. With more than 40 years of experience, he has consistently ranked among the top sales agents in the county. Jimmy takes pride in having established a career on the principles of honesty and decency. His entire team adheres to the same philosophy of putting others before oneself and lives out that reality every day. Jimmy, the president and co-owner of the prestigious Marx-Bensdorf Realtors, works very hard to maintain the excellent reputation his firm has built in the region.

Jon Dickens

5. Jon Dickens, Marx-Bensdorf

Jon “Big Jon” Dickens is committed to providing clients with service that is above and beyond their expectations. He knows what it takes to deliver results thanks to his years of experience and record as one of the industry’s Top Producers. His high level of dedication is a result of his long family history in the Memphis real estate industry. As a lifelong resident of the city, Jon’s an expert on the local market. He has held a number of board and committee positions for the Memphis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR), where he is a lifetime member of the Multimillion-Dollar Club.

Tyler Tapley

4. Tyler Tapley, Tyler Tapley Team

Tyler Tapley is considered to be a rock star agent. He’s had the privilege of representing institutional landlords and major businesses such as Hertz, Pizza Hut, Bank of America, and Regions. He currently leads The Tyler Tapley Team, one of the top real estate groups in Memphis. Since receiving his license in 2004, Tyler has sold more than 200 homes annually, making him one of the most successful independent brokers in the Mid-South region. He is currently employed by Crye-Leike Realtors, one of the biggest residential firms in North America.

Susan & Chuck House

3. Susan & Chuck House, The House Team

Chuck and Susan House have been happily married for almost three decades and have enjoyed living in Memphis for more than 40 years. They conduct business in a manner that upholds their values, with moral integrity being of the utmost importance to them. Chuck and Susan have focused on assisting buyers and sellers in the Greater Memphis area, as well as the eastern suburbs. The two are co-founders of the House Team, which has a goal of providing exceptional guidance while making the real estate process simple and seamless for their clients.

Melissa Thompson

2. Melissa Thompson, The Melissa Thompson - Your Key to Memphis Team

Licensed since 1987, Melissa Thompson has consistently been a top-producing agent and is a member of the Multimillion-Dollar Club. Born and raised in the city, she currently leads the Key to Memphis Team, offering the qualifications that clients seek in a broker. A previous recipient of the Realtor Associate of the Year Award, Melissa has the negotiating skills and tenacity to deliver top-notch service that brings results. She believes that informed clients are the happiest clients, so she always keeps them abreast of new developments. Melissa is committed to giving every transaction her full attention.

Judy McLellan

1. Judy McLellan, The JudyMac Team

“Do business with your heart” is a piece of advice from her mother that Judy McLellan never forgot. By heeding it, Judy went on to become Memphis’ #1 Realtor for 20 years. With over $1 billion in sales and 2,500 homes sold, she leads The JudyMac Team. The group possesses the knowledge to help customers navigate the complexities of every real estate transaction. Judy has earned the Graduate Realtors Institute (GRI) designation, as well as being named a Certified Residential Specialist, and Accredited Buyers Representative. She was honored with the Crye-Leike Lifetime #1 Agent Award in 2016.