Top 36 Real Estate Agents in Minneapolis

Find the person, find your home.


Of Minneapolis’ over 439,000 residents, 19.3% are in the median age group of likely property buyers and sellers. highlighted the city for its environmental consciousness and rise to national prominence in sustainable practices. Minneapolis’ real estate market is extremely competitive, though prices have recently declined by 10.5%, according to Redfin’s 5-year analysis. There are plenty of employment opportunities in the city and the locals support small businesses. Unpakt’s blog encourages moving to the region because it’s close to industrial centers but still far enough away to not be congested. The top local Realtors who can assist you in finding your dream home are listed below.

Cari Ann

30. Cari Ann, Edina Realty

Cari Ann Carter places a high value on partnerships, not just in the office, but also with clients. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining them and leaving a lasting impression on people’s lives. Cari is among the Top 2% of agents across Edina Realty and has won her firm’s highest honor, the Executive Circle Award. Her goal is to assist and direct rather than interfere with a real estate transaction. Cari prioritizes the needs of her clients while also offering insights and support. She’s certain that there will be no problem in a deal that she can’t fix.

Jeffrey Steeves

29. Jeffrey Steeves, Edina Realty

Having been born and raised in Minnesota, Jeffrey Steeves is intimately familiar with the local real estate market. He wants to go above and beyond for both clients and partners, forming relationships that last a lifetime. Jeffrey embraces the contemporary changes in the industry because he knows that’s what it takes to stay competitive and effective. His extensive network of connections with local business professionals helps facilitate every transaction. With 24 years of experience, Jeffrey is among the Top 3% of Edina Realty agents and continues to maintain his outstanding reputation.

Greg Shaleen

28. Greg Shaleen, Edina Realty

Greg Shaleen is a licensed real estate broker with more than 26 years of experience. His clients always appreciate how quickly and urgently he responds. Greg has a broad understanding of marketing techniques and strategies, giving him a leg up on the competition. He works diligently to provide his customers with the best service in the area. A Zillow Five-Star agent, Greg consistently ranks among the top producers in the region. He and his team members are innovators who combine traditional and modern tools to create personalized plans for each client.

Michael Wille

27. Michael Wille, Michael Wille Group

The Wille Group has one of Minneapolis’ most impressive track records. They’ve served numerous clients and have received overwhelmingly favorable reviews. The team was founded by Michael Wille, who consistently ranks among the Top 10 Realtors in Minnesota. They collaborate with a large number of legal experts, business leaders, and medical professionals, offering support for all of their clients’ needs. The group covers a variety of upscale properties on the market. Regardless of your price point, Michael and his colleagues always provide customer service that is grander than the home of your dreams.

Rhonda Green

26. Rhonda Green, Edina Realty

Rhonda Green is a multifaceted agent and one of the top brokers in the region. She has received numerous accolades for her talent and commitment, both of which have aided many clients in closing successful deals. She holds several accredited designations, including Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI), and e-Pro. With over 37 years of experience, Rhonda is familiar with both conventional and cutting-edge marketing tactics. She combines them to produce a plan of action that’s unique and competitive. Rhonda knows the industry like a close friend. There is no real estate problem she can’t solve.

Katey Bean

25. Katey Bean, Katey Bean & Company

With 50 years of combined experience, Katey Bean and the agents at Katey Bean & Company are the real deal. Having received training in all facets of real estate, they are experts in the field and give it their all during every transaction. The team members serve as the map, guiding you through the stressful yet exciting decision of buying, selling, or investing in property. Katey has personally been named a Super Real Estate Agent by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Under her leadership, the team believes that the only possible outcome is victory.

Courtney Johnson

24. Courtney Johnson, Edina Realty

Courtney Johnson is one of the sales leaders at Edina Realty. She is proficient in negotiations, paperwork, paralegal work, customer service, and every other part of a transaction. With a master’s in real estate, Courtney has learned from industry pros, gaining knowledge that only formal education can impart. During her 36 years in the business, she has proven that she is dedicated to the job and never neglects her clients. Courtney has a solid network of contacts and a strong portfolio that represents a wide range of prestigious properties in the area.

Bruce McAlpin

23. Bruce McAlpin, Edina Realty

Bruce McAlpin consistently ranks among the top producers in end-of-year evaluations. As co-founder of the Knutson/McAlpin Team, he continues to smash records, opening up new doors in the process. Since obtaining his license almost 25 years ago, Bruce has helped hundreds of clients realize their real estate dreams. He and his team members are regularly ranked among The Wall Street Journal’s Top 1000 Real Estate Professionals. Bruce belongs to both the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. He regularly receives recommendations from not just clients, but also fellow agents.

Kathleen Madore

22. Kathleen Madore, Edina Realty

For more than 35 years, Kathy Madore has been one of the most sought-after brokers in the industry. She is the #1 agent at Edina Realty and among the top 1% of all Realtors both in the Twin Cities and nationally. Along with her daughter Lisa, she runs a family team that represents several upscale homes in the region. Many clients marvel at Kathy’s eye for aesthetics and beauty, as well as her appreciation of both form and function. Thanks to her large network of contacts, she is able to connect clients with the right person to help with any of their real estate needs.

Kathryn Rauth

21. Kathryn Rauth, Edina Realty

Award-winning agent Kathy Rauth represents clients alongside her daughter. Both top producers, they sold high-end homes totaling more than $35 million in 2019 alone. Kathy previously worked in aviation and follows its “Assess. Plan. Act.” methodology. Representing properties at all price ranges, she has perfected a workflow system that makes marketing her listings extremely efficient. Kathy observed a pullback in the industry during the pandemic, but she took advantage of the opportunity to reflect and learn new skills. She is now even more creative with her strategies, benefiting her many satisfied customers.

Sonia Kohli

20. Sonia Kohli, Edina Realty

Sonia Kohli has more than 30 years of sales experience and has spent the last 2 decades as a real estate agent. She’s an expert negotiator with a broad network of connections to businesspeople who can facilitate transactions. Among the Top 3% of all Edina Realty brokers, Sonia leads a team that has sold the most homes in North Oaks over the last 3 years. She knows everything about residential properties, including brand-new construction. Sonia is one of the most dependable professionals in the field and always treats her clients with respect.

Matt Lill

19. Matt Lill, Edina Realty

Matt Lill is a highly analytical individual. He’s aware of the value of knowing the industry’s lingo and the power that comes with it. Over the past 11 years, Matt’s tactics have proven successful, producing efficient and high-yielding results. He has an accounting background and excels at making complex situations simple for his clients. Matt is the ideal broker if you want someone with top-notch customer service skills and extensive knowledge of the local market. He develops plans that are foolproof and promises to always put his clients’ needs above all else.

Jesse Godzala

18. Jesse Godzala, Edina Realty

For the past 15 years, Jesse Godzala has been closing deal after deal and helping his clients realize their real estate goals. He is fully aware that paperwork, financing, and contracts are the most burdensome aspects of every transaction. Jesse has extensive knowledge of these subjects and will make sure that no detail is missed. He has a number of specialties, including residential, commercial, first-time buyers, unique homes, and waterfront properties. Since customers always make the final decision, Jesse wants to give them quality advice without imposing his own preferences.

Stephanie Chandler

17. Stephanie Chandler, Compass

A third-generation agent, Stephanie Chandler used to go to work with her mother when she was a child. It was a natural fit for her to join the same industry and she went on to become one of Edina’s youngest loan officers. When Stephanie obtained her real estate license, her career took off. She handles almost every type of property, but rentals are her area of expertise. In addition, Stephanie collaborates with developers, renovators, and builders of luxury homes. She possesses the ideal qualities of a successful broker: experience, skill, and intelligence.

Michael Kaslow

16. Michael Kaslow, Michael Kaslow Team

Relationships are important to Michael Kaslow and his colleagues at The Michael Kaslow Team. They aim to deliver superior service while maintaining a welcoming environment for customers. The team’s objectives are to leave a lasting impression on each client’s life while forging friendships that will last beyond the transaction process. Michael and his group are very experienced and know everything about Minneapolis’ dynamic real estate market. They collaborate with numerous businesses that can assist customers, including lenders, suppliers, and utility service providers. Though they offer counseling and coaching, Michael and his team know that clients ultimately make the final decision.

Shaun Zaudtke

15. Shaun Zaudtke, Edina Realty

With a high success rate of closing deals to a client’s satisfaction, Shaun Zaudtke has become a Zillow Premier Agent. Since the beginning of his career, he has retained a constant 5-Star rating online. Customers praise Shaun for being calm but decisive while making them feel less anxious even when obstacles arise. He continues to reach new heights, and in the last year alone, he’s sold well over 60 properties. During his 22 years of experience, Shaun has become an expert in the Minneapolis market, as well as the surrounding communities.

Kathleen Murphy

14. Kathleen Murphy, Edina Realty

Kate Murphy is among the top real estate brokers in Minneapolis. She is an excellent communicator and has helped numerous clients locate their ideal residence. Kate believes that every family member should be included in such an important decision as buying a home. She strives to find customers a place where they will want to live for years to come. Throughout her nearly 2 decades as an agent, Kate has received a great deal of positive feedback and 5-Star reviews online. Prior to becoming a Realtor, she worked as a vice president for The Araz Group.

Jarrod Peterson

13. Jarrod Peterson, Edina Realty

Jarrod Peterson is the owner of the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group, one of the most successful organizations in the area. The group ranks in the top 0.5% of all teams in the United States. Jarrod has a management degree and is very knowledgeable about the commercial side of property transactions. He set a record for Edina Realty’s highest sales volume, earning him a spot in the firm’s Executive Circle. Throughout his illustrious career, Jarrod has won more than 70 awards. Whether you’re looking to buy a larger home or wanting to downsize, the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group can help you close the perfect deal.

Jacqueline Day

12. Jacqueline Day, Edina Realty

Jacqueline Day is the #1 agent at Edina Realty’s Park West office. For the past 42 years, she has provided superior service to Minneapolis while learning more about the industry each day. Jacqueline is a member of the Exceptional Properties Network and was recognized as a Super Real Estate Agent by St. Paul Magazine. She is also a lifetime member of her firm’s Chairman’s Circle. Jacqueline is an expert at staging homes and showing them off in their best light. There is no real estate goal that Jacqueline won’t be able to help you realize.

Kevin Butcher

11. Kevin Butcher, Edina Realty

Kevin Butcher is a top performer and award-winning producer. He has twice been named a Twin Cities Super Real Estate Agent and was listed in the top 10% of all brokers nationwide. Kevin has also been a recipient of his firm’s President’s Circle Award. His passion lies with helping clients discover the ideal residence for their families. As he imagines the future memories that will take place, Kevin finds joy in seeing his customers locate their forever homes. In addition, he is a real estate investor who can guide you through the process of purchasing investment properties.

Kristen Christianson

10. Kristen Christianson, Real Estate Simplified

Kristen Christianson launched her career in the industry more than 18 years ago. She is the founder of Real Estate Simplified, which was established with the goal of offering practical solutions in the most straightforward manner. Kristen believes that making things more complicated will do nothing but slow down the process. Her team guarantees to protect its clients’ privacy, providing a secure setting in which they can openly express their objectives. They have access to properties that aren’t listed in the MLS and are only accessible through their network of connections.

Jay Fletch

9. Jay Fletch, Edina Realty

Jay Fletch is a multifaceted broker who dominates the Minneapolis market. He is a consistent top producer and ranks among the top 1% of real estate agents in the country. With extensive qualifications as a buyer’s and seller’s representative, Jay uses the newest marketing techniques available. However, he wants happy customers to be his loudest advertisement. Having been in the business for more than 24 years, Jay knows exactly what it takes to remain one of the most successful Realtors in the area. In addition to closing deals, he also manages large properties and residences.

Tyler Miller

8. Tyler Miller, Edina Realty

Tyler Miller is the founder and leader of one of Minnesota’s Top 5 Small Teams. As a husband and father, he appreciates family values and hires staff members who do as well. One of Tyler’s main goals is to fulfill his clients’ dreams by finding them a home they will want to live in for the rest of their lives. A third-generation Realtor, he grew up admiring architecture while learning how to treat customers right. With 16 years of experience, Tyler always stays current and uses the most up-to-date marketing tools.

Bruce Birkeland

7. Bruce Birkeland, Coldwell Banker Realty

Bruce Birkeland is a prominent real estate agent in Minneapolis and the leader of the Bruce Birkeland Group. Having served in the military for almost three decades, he learned to be a tough negotiator. Bruce specializes in luxury properties, including both residential homes and investment opportunities. He combines conventional and contemporary marketing tactics to help his clients get the best deals possible. Bruce makes sure to put the needs and desires of his customers above all else. Consistently achieving a 5-Star rating, he provides the best service in the region.

Luke Steele

6. Luke Steele, Edina Realty

Luke Steele is the owner and team captain of Steele Brothers Real Estate. RealTrends named him one of the top brokers in Minneapolis. Known for being proactive, Luke works tirelessly to complete the task at hand. A Zillow Premier Agent, he prioritizes his clients’ needs, wants, and preferences. Luke stays within the lines, getting to know his clients and their stories without going too far. A lover of modern technology, he built a user-friendly and accessible website with the most modern tools available. If you want dependable team members, Steele Brothers is the perfect choice.

Graham Smith

5. Graham Smith, The Graham Smith Team

The Graham Smith Team was established by Graham Smith with the goal of delivering superior service, while rejecting anything less. All of their agents adhere to their high standard of customer assistance. They work together, combining their individual strengths in order to produce the best results. The group is currently ranked among Minneapolis’ top teams in terms of performance and output. Graham and his colleagues always prioritize the needs of their clients, while offering sound advice to help them reach their goals. Before launching his real estate career, Graham studied speech communications at the University of Minnesota.

Ben Ganje

4. Ben Ganje, Ganje + Partners

Ben Ganje is Minnesota’s top Realtor by closed volume and the founder of Ben Ganje + Partners. They’ve been providing the Twin Cities real estate market with their expertise since 2000. The team covers a wide range of properties, from recently constructed condominiums to historically significant homes that are more than a century old. Their portfolios include houses and buildings that are selling at a variety of price points. Leading one of the top teams in the region, Ben has personally won the Minneapolis/St. Paul Super Agent Award many times throughout his career.

Chris Fritch

3. Chris Fritch, The Chris Fritch Team

Led by top broker Chris Fritch, The Chris Fritch Team is accredited in Florida, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. With a high number of 5-Star reviews, clients have consistently expressed gratitude for their courteous and professional service. The team will help you find the best deals on residential, commercial, or investment properties. Chris and his colleagues make transactions as simple as possible. They can handle any potential hiccups or problems that may arise. Chris and his team understand that clients are making one of the most important decisions of their lives… and they promise to only give first-rate advice.

Lucas Hanson

2. Lucas Hanson, Edina Realty

Over the past 10 years, Luke Hanson has become a reputable name in the field. He has experience as a counselor and has mastered the art of making people feel at ease. An excellent listener, Luke has the ability to highlight specifics of a property that may suit a client’s personal lifestyle. He won numerous awards early in his career, including Top Sales Agent and Rookie of the Year, and has continued earning recognition ever since. Ready to serve both buyers and sellers, Luke is a true authority on the Minneapolis market.

Barry Berg and Chad Larsen

1. Barry Berg and Chad Larsen, Berg Larsen Group

Barry Berg and Chad Larsen serve as the team leaders for the Berg Larsen Group. With 40 years of experience, Barry is a residential property expert who has dominated the Minneapolis market. He graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Business School, where he developed and honed his entrepreneurial skills. Earning his degree from Harvard University, Chad holds the highest standards of integrity and ethics. He works very hard and won’t give up until the goal is realized. The Berg Larsen Group is Minneapolis’ top source for all of your real estate needs.