Top 37 Real Estate Agents in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a beautiful city with an amazing culture and lots to offer. The median household income in this area hovers around $112,000 which means you can enjoy living here without feeling like your wallet will get too thin anytime soon! There are 16 thousand homes sold every three years so it’s not quite as competitive when compared against other cities on affordability but we’re still committed bring the best experience possible for our clients looking into buying or renting property here- after all isn’t that what they really want?

Julie Chan

37. Julie Chan, BarbCo Real Estate

Julie Chan is a top San Francisco realtor in terms of production, sales, and performance. She is very knowledgeable about mortgage financing and has a lot of experience in the mortgage industry. Julie has a unique perspective on this aspect of real estate that is extremely beneficial to her clients. She collaborates with her brother Jason, the top real estate agent in Parkside and Sunset, in addition to her own work as a solo agent. Julie is enthusiastic about her work and is upbeat when conducting business. She treats her customers with respect and works diligently.

Jason Chan

36. Jason Chan, BarbCo Real Estate

For over 21 years, Jason Chan has served the competitive real estate market in San Francisco. For 16 years of his career, he has been the top agent in Sunset and Parkside. Because of his character, work ethic, and market expertise, Jason is respected by the locals. He can assist relocating clients and investors because he speaks fluent English, ToiSunese, and Cantonese. He founded Jason Chan San Francisco and collaborates with his sister at BarbCo. He has a remarkably wide range of market experience. Jason is an expert in the competitive city market and has handled just about every piece of real estate that is available in the San Francisco area.

Tanya Dzhibrailova

35. Tanya Dzhibrailova, Properties by Tanya

Both Properties by Tanya and NHB Real Estate were founded by Tanya Dzhibrailova. She collaborates closely with Neil Bui, another top-producing realtor. She and the entire brokerage are Zillow Premier agents with a 5-star rating who have closed more than $1 billion in sales. They have almost 600 online reviews, all of which express gratitude and appreciation for their first-rate service. According to the Wall Street Journal, Tanya and her group are among the Top #250 Agents in the Nation. You can go to sleep soundly at night knowing that Tanya and NHB are taking good care of you, knowing that tomorrow might be the day your dreams come true.

Neill Bassi

34. Neill Bassi, Sotheby's International Real Estate

Due to his expertise in planning, inventive marketing, and high-listing exposure strategies, Neill Bassi is a highly sought-after agent. Because of his experience and access to the most exclusive listings before they are even put on the market, he is able to close deals with the highest possible yield. Many of the most expensive estates in the city are sold by Neill and his team of local experts, the Neill Bassi Team, who also work with properties priced between $1 million and $30 million. And to top it all off, Neil is well-versed in the city, having grown up and lived there his entire life.

Joel Goodrich

33. Joel Goodrich, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Joel Goodrich and his company, Joel Goodrich Luxury Realty, are among the top real estate agents in San Francisco’s upscale neighborhood. His name is practically synonymous with luxury. Joel has almost three decades of experience and a career sales total that exceeds $1 billion. In San Francisco, he and his team have taken part in a number of notable and high-profile transactions that have had a significant impact on the city’s real estate market. For celebrities like Sharon Stone and Kim Kardashian, Joel has sold one of the highest top-dollar sales in American real estate history. Your opulent future is right around the corner with him and his crew.

Shane Ray

32. Shane Ray, Compass

Shane Ray’s enthusiasm for his work is the driving force behind his knowledge, skills, and experience. His genuine concern for his client’s future and families motivates him to work hard for them. Shane has seen all types of transactions and worked with all types of people as a top-producing agent in San Francisco. He understands what works and when and how to execute a strategy. He is also a Partner Broker for Domicile Properties, a team of Top 1% agents who have closed over 800 transactions totaling over a billion dollars. They are local experts who are constantly looking for the best way to serve you.

Ted Barlett

31. Ted Barlett, Compass

Ted Bartlett is a skilled real estate investor who has been active in the industry since 1987. Additionally, he has a strong background in construction and is an expert in homes and buildings. He is currently one of the top agents in the neighborhood, outperforming the average realtor in terms of production, sales, and performance. Ted is well-liked by his clients, who recommend him and entrust their loved ones to him. His team, Bartlett Real Estate, has a solid reputation and shows genuine concern for its customers. Working with them is an unquestionable decision.

Dale Boutiette and Alla Gershberg

30. Dale Boutiette and Alla Gershberg, Compass

Dale Boutiette and Alla Gershberg created the Dale and Alla Team. They are recognized as one of the Top 100 Teams in the Bay Area and among the Top 1% of San Francisco’s agents. They are listed among San Francisco’s Top 10 Agents and have career sales that have surpassed $750 million. The couple is a talented real estate team with over 30 years of combined experience. The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals named Dale as one of the Top 10 Best Agents in California, and the Wall Street Journal recognized Alla as a Top California Realtor.

Angela Ho

29. Angela Ho, Elite Team

The Elite Team of Century 21 Real Estate Alliance is not your typical brokerage, serving clients from the Silicon Valley to San Fernando. From 2017-2021, they were named one of the Top 21 Global Teams. Its members strive to provide quality living with outstanding customer service and professionalism as Fine Homes and Estates Specialists. Every single Elite Team agent takes great pride in their work. When buying or selling a home, they are the group to turn to for professionalism and excellent service. Their brokers are committed to making the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

Janet Feinberg Schindler

28. Janet Feinberg Schindler, Sotheby's International Realty

Janet Feinberg Schindler has consistently ranked among the Top 25 Sotheby’s International Realty agents for the past 30 years, placing her in the Top 1% of more than 50,000 associates. She is also frequently mentioned as part of the prestigious Wall Street Journal’s list of the Top Realtors in the nation. Janet’s extraordinary success in the industry stems from her core conviction that the client comes first. Thanks to this belief, she receives 90% of her business from referrals and repeat customers. When it comes to San Francisco real estate, Janet is the name to know.

James Nunemacher

27. James Nunemacher, The Nunemacher Group

James Nunemacher began his real estate career in 1986 and quickly rose to the top of the sales leaders in San Francisco. That same year, he established Vanguard Properties which has developed into one of California’s most cutting-edge boutique real estate firms thanks to James’ leadership and high standards of excellence. With 16 offices and a group of more than 500 talented agents who have closed over $7.7 billion in deals in the past two years alone, James is recognized as one of the most forward-thinking and well-respected executives in the business.

Michelle Balog

26. Michelle Balog, Bay Real Estate Group

With more than 20 years of experience in the Bay Area real estate market, Michelle Balog is a seasoned industry leader. She has become one of the Top 1% of San Francisco Realtors and has mentored numerous agents thanks to her exceptional knowledge of the Bay Area and comprehensive understanding of market trends. Michelle is also the founder of the Bay Real Estate Group, which closed over 100 deals in 2021 alone. She spends time as a volunteer for GLIDE, a San Francisco organization that helps the city’s homeless and low-income residents.

Kevin Gueco

25. Kevin Gueco, Kinoko Real Estate

Kevin Gueco is dedicated to success and understands that the only way to boldly move forward is to provide consistent results and unmatched customer service. He and his formidable team at Kinoko Real Estate are unified and cooperative in everything they do in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Counted among the Top 100 Realtors in San Francisco, Kevin is personally committed to Home for a Home, where he donates a portion of the proceeds from each deal to help build housing for a family in dire need.

Aaron and Michael Bellings

24. Aaron and Michael Bellings, The Bellings Brothers

Aaron and Michael Bellings, natives of San Francisco, are third-generation brokers with a love of business, people and real estate. They partnered in 2013 and have been acknowledged as San Francisco’s top buyers’ team every year since 2019. The Bellings Brothers quickly rose to the Top 1% of producers in San Francisco with over $550 million in total sales volume and more than 400 properties closed. They work to bring a level of expertise that is unmatched to each transaction by utilizing situational and property-specific marketing strategies as well as strong contract negotiation skills.

Steve Mavromihalis

23. Steve Mavromihalis, Compass

One of the top agents in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends, is purveyor of luxury properties Steven Mavromihalis. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and has successfully represented savvy buyers and sellers from all over California. Numerous discerning clients, including well-known businessmen, investors, executives and politicians, count Steven as a trusted advisor and friend. He has broken records for the highest sales prices ever achieved in communities all over the Bay Area, with many exceeding $20 million. Since 1985, Steven has closed 1,000 transactions with a combined value of over $1 billion.

Michael Minson

22. Michael Minson, Level Up Group

A tenacious negotiator and skilled agent, Michael Minson and the Level Up Group’s commitment have helped many families steer through the difficulties of Bay Area real estate. Since 2018, Michael has consistently ranked among the Top 5 agents in San Francisco, the Top 50 agents nationally and the Top 20 Keller Williams brokers globally. All Level Up Group members are dedicated professionals who collaborate with clients to accomplish their objectives. Michael received his management and marketing BS from UNC Greensboro and his operations management MBA from San Francisco’s Golden Gate University.

Jennifer Rosdail

21. Jennifer Rosdail, Jennifer Rosdail Team

The competitive San Francisco real estate market has never stopped Jennifer Rosdail from succeeding. Her 20-year career has seen her consistently rank among the Top 1% of San Francisco brokers. With over $100 million in volume closed under their belts, the members of the Jennifer Rosdail Team are regularly ranked as San Francisco’s top buyer representation agents. Real estate is Jennifer’s passion, in addition to her love of San Francisco. Her team is always on the lookout for ways to assist customers in order to ensure that they’re successful in achieving their real estate objectives.

Arrian Binnings and Payton Stiewe

20. Arrian Binnings and Payton Stiewe, Artemis Real Estate

For more than 20 years, Artemis Real Estate has helped sell San Francisco and Marin County properties that have reached a combined value of over $1 billion. Led by Arrian Binnings and Payton Stiewe, they are recognized as one of the top teams in the region and have frequently been listed among the Top 50 Teams nationwide by The Wall Street Journal. Arrian’s background as an appraiser allowed him to rise to amazing heights and distinguish himself in a crowded industry. Payton, who is known for showcasing homes in distinctive and occasionally surprising ways, partnered with Arrian in 2010.

Mollie Poe + Declan Hickey

19. Mollie Poe + Declan Hickey, Indigo Real Estate

Top-producing brokers Mollie Poe and Declan Hickey, the leaders of Indigo Real Estate, have more than 24 years of combined experience in San Francisco’s diverse market. Since 2005, they have been founding members of the SF Insiders Top Producer Networking Group. With the recognition and connections to back it up, Indigo brings a wealth of expertise to the buying and selling of properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. The team has cultivated a collaborative environment where creative solutions flourish and dreams become reality through a positive outlook, methodical approaches and an unwavering commitment to service.

Dan Risman Jones – and Steven Huang

18. Dan Risman Jones – and Steven Huang, Ascend Real Estate

In the Greater Los Angeles area and San Francisco Bay Area, Ascend Real Estate is a top-producing brokerage. The team was founded by two distinguished agents, Dan Risman Jones and Steven Huang. Steven has been in the business for more than 14 years and has experience in project management, sales and marketing. Dan is a reputable, top-producing Realtor who values relationships. Together with their team, Dan and Steven are well known for their high standard of customer service, track record of successful transactions and extensive knowledge of the local market.

Tim Brown

17. Tim Brown, Brown Team

Tim Brown is a highly skilled professional with a unique blend of business expertise, originality and a sincere passion for real estate. He is a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors and a co-founder of the SF Roundtable, which tracks regional real estate trends. Since starting The Brown Real Estate Group, Tim has become a top producer in property sales in San Francisco. His team takes an active interest in both market trends and the changing dynamics of local neighborhoods. Tim has distinguished himself in the field with his unmatched professionalism and dedication.

Wendy Storch

16. Wendy Storch, Sotheby's International Realty

When it comes to service, Wendy Storch won’t accept anything less than the best. She has ranked among the Top 1% of Realtors in San Francisco’s residential home sales since 2005, and has consistently been a top producer in the industry. As leader of The Wendy Storch Team, she’s put together a group made up of internal employees and reliable partners to provide the highest standard of customer service. The team manages each step of the real estate process with high competence and ease. Wendy is practical, honest and conducts herself with decency and elegance. She has become one of the most respected brokers in the business.

Ron Abta

15. Ron Abta, Polaris Realty

Polaris Realty is consistently rated as one of the Top 10 performing real estate companies in San Francisco. With a combined 60 years of experience, the group’s members have sold more than 800 properties. Founder Ron Abta was raised in a real estate family and began learning the most important lessons about the industry at a young age. He now ranks among the Top 10 agents in San Francisco in terms of sales volume. A Bay Area native, Ron has completed over $1 billion in transactions and brings a wealth of knowledge to the market.

Todd Montgomery and Marcus Lee

14. Todd Montgomery and Marcus Lee, Montgomery Lee Team

Todd Montgomery and Marcus Lee, two of the most sought-after real estate agents in San Francisco, joined forces to produce results that outperform the market and improve outcomes for both buyers and sellers. Drawing on their many years of experience, Todd and Marcus lead with data-driven analysis and cutting-edge technology, while maintaining an outstanding reputation throughout the industry. They established the Montgomery Lee Team, a highly specialized group that offers clients individualized support and top-notch service. Marcus and Todd are among the Top 250 agents nationwide and have been named one of the Top 25 Realtor Teams in the Bay Area by The Wall Street Journal.

Helena Zaludova

13. Helena Zaludova, Live 7x7

Helena Zaludova has lived and worked in San Francisco for more than 20 years and consistently ranks among the Top 10 real estate agents in the city. She is one of the Bay Area’s best-known Realtors who runs one of the most successful teams in the area, 7×7 Real Estate. Clients always have the full backing of a talented group of experts, including the top market analysts at Compass. Helena takes pride in being up-to-date on the trends in the local market. Since it’s ingrained in her DNA, she pursues excellence in everything she does.

Monica Pauli

12. Monica Pauli, Monica Pauli Team

A distinctive agent in Bay Area real estate, Monica Pauli combines knowledge of the business with a love of her clients and coworkers. Regularly closing hundreds of millions in annual sales, Monica has made a name for herself as one of the Top Producing Agents in the nation over the past 20 years. She is the leader of the Monica Pauli Team, with a mission to assist everyone in finding their place in the world. Monica has also been a board member of Children of Shelters for 7 years. This organization supports the emotional and educational needs of kids staying in transitional shelters.

Missy Wyant

11. Missy Wyant, Missy Wyant Smit Team

With more than 20 years in the business, Missy Wyant Smit consistently ranks in the Top 10 of San Francisco’s real estate brokers. Since 2016, Missy has been one of the Top 150 Agents in the country according to The Wall Street Journal’s RealTrends. She is the leader of The Missy Wyant Smit Team, one of the Bay Area’s top residential real estate groups. Missy is well-known for her diligence, candor and dependability, and she enjoys an excellent reputation among both her clients and coworkers. Her customers will attest to the fact that she always tries to understand and meet their needs.

Ruth Krishnan

10. Ruth Krishnan, Krishnan Team

Ruth Krishnan’s real estate philosophies center on making sure her clients succeed, providing exceptional service and acting morally. She received MLS recognition in 2021 as being among the Top 10 Agents in San Francisco out of 5,000 brokers. Ruth established The Krishnan Team in 2009, and in 2020, The Wall Street Journal ranked it as the #65 Small Agent Team nationwide. Since she first entered the field, Ruth has donated 5% of all of her earnings and has amassed over half a billion dollars in career sales. She is constantly looking for new opportunities to get involved and give back to her community.

David Cohen

9. David Cohen, City Real Estate

City Real Estate, which was founded by David Cohen, is comprised of a group of highly skilled brokers with an average of 15 years of industry experience. The team’s total sales volume has reached $2 billion, and according to The Wall Street Journal’s National Rankings, they are among the top 1% of all businesses nationwide. With 17 years in real estate, only a select few know the Bay Area like David, who is a seasoned negotiator and marketing expert. Additionally, he supports numerous charitable organizations such as Family House and Tipping Point.

Neal Ward

8. Neal Ward, Compass

RealTrends and The Wall Street Journal have named Neal Ward the #1 Individual San Francisco Agent. A top-producing broker for more than three decades, Neal has consistently helped families and individuals find their ideal homes. His mission is to serve his clients with the utmost integrity, professionalism and excellence, believing that every transaction is unique and should have a personal approach. Neal lives and works by the motto, “Home is happiness,” which is exactly what he strives to find for his customers. Prior to becoming a broker, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.

Isabelle Grotte

7. Isabelle Grotte, Isabelle Grotte Team

Isabelle Grotte was raised in France, where she cultivated a passion for aesthetics. Due to her extensive travels, she continued to have an eye for what different cultures bring to their architecture. Along with her background in marketing and international business, these qualities have made Isabelle a uniquely qualified San Francisco agent. Her numerous accolades include being ranked #119 in RealTrends’ Top 1000 U.S. Realtors in 2021, #15 on the list of The Leading 100 Realtors in the Bay Area, and among the Top 1% of Agents in San Francisco. Isabelle takes pride in her enthusiastic and vivacious service, giving careful consideration to every aspect of her clients’ needs.

Frank Nolan

6. Frank Nolan, The Nolan Group

Frank Nolan established The Nolan Group with the goal of offering a distinctive service in San Francisco’s competitive real estate market. With the tagline, “We think differently,” the team guarantees an unbeatable level of customer care that’s unmatched in every way. They consist of 5 experienced and well-respected agents with a range of specialties who provide top-tier client satisfaction, while attending to even the smallest details of your real estate needs. With over 300 satisfied customers and extensive knowledge of the city’s densely populated areas, The Nolan Group will deliver for you.

Lamisse Droubi

5. Lamisse Droubi, Generation Real Estate

The Droubi Team members at Generation Real Estate are your buying, selling and investing experts in San Francisco. Established by Lamisse Droubi, the group has prospered and expanded since its inception, creating a powerful presence in the local real estate market. With an average selling time of just 21 days and a total sales volume of $161 million in 2020 alone, their diverse team of professionals and knowledgeable agents continue to surpass clients’ expectations. The group’s stellar reputation is the best evidence of its competence, dependability and reliability in offering real estate support in a cutthroat market like San Francisco.

Butch Haze

4. Butch Haze, Butch Haze Team

Butch Haze has devoted his life to providing clients with service that goes above and beyond. He and the members of the Butch Haze Team were ranked as the #4 team in the Bay Area and were honored as part of the RealTrends Top 50 and The Leading 100 List. Butch has lived in San Francisco for almost his entire life and has been a licensed California agent since college, making him a true local expert. He is also a trailblazer, having launched his real estate venture as a movie production company with the intention of forever altering how people view the industry.

Gregg Lynn

3. Gregg Lynn, Gregg Lynn Team

With more than $2 billion in total transactions, Gregg Lynn, founder of the Gregg Lynn Team, is ranked as the top agent in the city by the San Francisco Association of Realtors. Gregg’s extensive international real estate knowledge is what makes him stand out in the field, with expertise that extends far beyond the U.S. market. He and his 6 top brokers continue to offer service unlike any other, prioritizing integrity in all business dealings. Gregg’s exclusive connections, access and insight are unmatched in San Francisco’s competitive real estate industry.

Paul Baragelata

2. Paul Baragelata, BarbCo Real Estate

Owner of the 70-year-old business that his father founded, Paul Barbagelata is the force behind BarbCo Real Estate. Along with a group of local experts in buying, selling and listing both residential and commercial investments, he carries on his father’s legacy while helping clients “Make It Your Own.” Paul has been in the business for 33 years, guiding thousands of clients with his knowledge, while continually remaining in the top 10% of San Francisco’s real estate producers. He has an eye for beauty and is a true lover of architecture, making him the ideal Realtor for even the most exacting customers.

Nina Hatvany

1. Nina Hatvany, Hatvany Team

Nina Hatvany is a luxury property specialist who leads the Hatvany Team, San Francisco’s #1 Realtor group. Her team consists of her three children, who have a combined 60 years of real estate experience in the city. They specialize in all property types, from high-end to budget, and everything in between, making them accustomed to the varied local market. Nina has topped all other San Francisco agents in volume, personally closing more than $4 billion in lifetime sales. She has been listed as the #9 sales agent nationwide by The Wall Street Journal.