Top 36 Real Estate Agents in San Jose

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Surrounded by top financial and tech companies, San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley. Average home values were up 7% in the past 12 months, reaching $1.2 million. Prices are projected to increase in the near future. Over 21,000 homes sold over the last 3 years, with an average time on the market of just 15 days. Buyers and sellers can expect properties to sell for close to 100% of their asking price. San Jose offers great neighborhoods, numerous job opportunities and excellent school districts. We’ve listed the area’s top-rated Realtors who can help you find your dream home.

Mike Strouf

36. Mike Strouf, Intero Real Estate

In San Jose, Mike Strouf is a highly sought-after agent. He has a five-star rating and is a Premier Agent on Zillow. He has some of the best sales and production in the city. 24 years ago, Mike started his own team because he knew that with the help of other agents, he would be able to better serve and reach more people. He strives to complete transactions with “No Surprises,” giving each transaction his undivided attention. Mike wants his clients to have the least amount of stress and anxiety possible so they can look back on the experience as enjoyable and transformative.

Geoffrey Hollands

35. Geoffrey Hollands, Coldwell Banker

Geoffrey Hollands is a top agent in California who has won numerous awards. He has devoted more than two decades of his life to real estate, with the goal of assisting families in achieving their real estate objectives. Geoffrey has consistently ranked in the top 5% of all Coldwell Banker agents in the United States, and he is a proud advocate of San Jose. His affection for his hometown extends beyond business. Geoffrey sincerely wishes for his clients to fall in love with San Jose, its vibrancy, its people, and its allure. That is why he does his best to serve his clients while also representing the city he adores.

Nicole Causey

34. Nicole Causey, Everhome Real Estate

Nicole Causey has been a part of the San Jose real estate market for over two decades. She’s been through a lot and learned that experience can make or break a relationship. If clients are not satisfied and well-cared for, a deal is not considered successful. Nicole was born in Canada, and she wants her clients to see the beauty of her new home, in the hopes that they will find a home for themselves as well. She has been recognized as a Pinnacle Agent by the Bay East Association of Realtors since 2011.

Tung Nguyen

33. Tung Nguyen, Movoto Real Estate

Tung Nguyen has over 24 years of experience in the industry. He’s a top-producing agent and a popular choice among local residents. Tung has established a trustworthy reputation and a competitive track record for himself. His mission is simple: prioritize the best interests of his clients. This is what makes him the amazing agent that he is today. Tung has received numerous designations and has been trained to handle various types of real estate. He understands that behind every transaction is a story and a family, so he works hard to ensure that they have the future they want.

Brett Jennings

32. Brett Jennings, Real Estate Experts

Brett Jennings is a top agent in terms of production, sales, performance, and client satisfaction. He has over a thousand online reviews attesting to his real estate expertise, knowledge, and efficiency. Brett is the owner of one of the most successful brokerages in the area, Real Estate Experts, and a true industry veteran. He has been in the business for a long time and is regarded as one of the most trustworthy individuals in the market by both clients and fellow agents. Brett’s negotiating skills and marketing strategies enabled him to sell his home for 18% more than the average price in the same area.

Ben Sprague

31. Ben Sprague, eXp Realty of California, Inc.

Ben Sprague is a Zillow Premier Agent who has committed to providing world-class service and client care. He is genuinely enthusiastic about his work and takes great pleasure in seeing his clients achieve one of the most important goals in their lives. Ben was able to assist over 70 clients last year and was highly regarded for his service expertise. He has sold over $46 million and shows no signs of slowing down. Ben is a highly capable and enjoyable partner to work with, and he is your best bet for a successful transaction in a market like San Jose.

Jason Muth

30. Jason Muth, COMPASS

Over 30 years have passed since Jason Muth first entered the field. He has assisted countless clients with buying, selling, and investing. Jason has provided even more assistance by serving as a consultant. He is an authority on shortfalls and foreclosures and is knowledgeable about upholding his clients’ rights. His mother was a top-producing realtor in her earlier years, and she raised him. As a top-producing realtor today, Jason carries on her legacy. He received another award a few years ago for being the #1 Agent for Buyer and Seller controlled sales for 9 years in a row.

Julie Wyss

29. Julie Wyss, Wyss Group COMPASS

Julie Wyss is one of the Valley’s top brokers. She has achieved over $1 billion in career sales and is currently the Top #22 realtor in California. Julie has worked with numerous buying clients, but she has more experience as a seller’s agent, where she is skilled at securing the quickest sales of homes for the highest prices. She has extensive local knowledge, and her connections are international. Just last year, Julie used her abilities to help her clients by closing over $100 million in sales. Julie is your go-to person for all things real estate in California.

Dale and Helen

28. Dale and Helen, The Warfel Gardin Group

The Warfel Gardin Group, which has San Jose’s top real estate team, Pulse Real Estate, is the brainchild of Dale Warfel and Helen Gardin. They set the bar for the neighborhood industry in terms of sales, output, and performance, accomplishing milestones and winning accolades. One of the most crucial aspects of one’s life is something Dale and Helen want to help with and make enjoyable. Because of their solid reputation in the industry and recommendations from previous customers, they are a top choice. They are trained to deal with various real-world situations and people, and they collectively have a long list of titles and specialties.

Jessa Walsh

27. Jessa Walsh, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Over her impressive 22-year career, Jessa Walsh has been a fierce advocate for her clients. In this time, she’s garnered nearly $150M in career sales. At the Intero real estate firm, Jessa has consistently performed in the top 5% of earners and was even ranked among the top 1% of Realtors nationwide, according to RealTrends. Her advocacy goes beyond her clients, as she is a vocal member and supporter of the LGBT+ community in San Jose. Her compassion, patience, and determination provide a unique combination to help her close deals for her clients, time and time again.

Jackie Jones

26. Jackie Jones, Coldwell Banker Realty

Jackie Jones boasts 46 years of experience on her real estate journey. At a young age, Jackie helped with her family’s restaurant business, where she took to heart the importance of customer service. Her positive and polite attitude toward each of her clients has earned her a reputation among the most coveted agents in San Jose. Selling property valued as high as $6.6M, Jackie is a top earner for Coldwell Banker Realty. In fact, the company has consistently recognized her with distinctions such as being among the top 100 Realtors in Silicon Valley, while honoring her with the respected President’s Premier award.

Theresa Wellman

25. Theresa Wellman, Coldwell Banker Realty

Theresa Wellman is among the most coveted Realtors in San Jose. With 18 years of experience, she’s in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide, and among the top 100 in San Jose County. In the past 2 years, Theresa has closed 25 deals and had a high sales price of $3.48M. Inevitably, she’s taken a leadership role at Coldwell Banker Realty, providing guidance and mentorship to younger Realtors looking to garner her expertise. Theresa is confident in her ability to help you find and buy the home of your dreams. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Alicia Duarte

24. Alicia Duarte, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Alicia Duarte began her venture into the real estate world in 2003. With nearly 20 years of experience under her belt, Alicia now consistently brings in millions of dollars in sales, year after year. She is recognized as one of the top agents by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, ranking as high as #33 nationally. Alicia has a friendly approach to closing deals and ensures that the home-buying process will be as smooth as possible. Her units vary in price from hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions, ensuring that a wide swath of clients can find their dream homes in the San Jose area.

Lynette Morehead-Crum

23. Lynette Morehead-Crum, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Lynette Morehead-Crum is a native of Silicon Valley and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Having learned how to run a business at an early age, she quickly realized the importance of superior customer service. She’s received various awards for her remarkable success in the real estate industry, including the coveted Centurion award for nearly a third of her storied 33-year career. In the last 24 months, she closed a deal with a sales price of over $3M. In her free time, Lynette volunteers at a food bank to help give back to her beloved community.

Michael J. Mendenhall

22. Michael J. Mendenhall, Keller Williams Realty

A successful Realtor who puts his client’s interests first, Michael Mendenhall vows to keep his clients abreast of every twist and turn during the buying/selling process. His superior ability to close deals has led to impressive recognition, including placement among the top 1.5% of real estate professionals nationally by RealTrends. Michael takes 35 years of experience into every deal he approaches. That experience pays off in dividends. In fact, Michael helped sell a recent property with a price of more than $3M. Insistent on passing down his valued knowledge, Michael volunteers as a member of various local Realtor associations.

Holly Barr

21. Holly Barr, Sereno

Holly Barr combines 20 years of experience with an ultra-personable approach to ensure client satisfaction. Holly maintains clear communication and lightheartedness to a process that, with other agents, can prove confusing and frustrating. Ultimately, Holly knows how to close a deal. Selling a recent property worth over $3.5M shows that her friendliness does not inhibit her ability to get the job done. Above all else, Holly wants to help her clients find their dream homes. Her track record proves that she has the ability to do just that, while always leaving her clients with a smile on their faces.

Kate Davey

20. Kate Davey, CENTURY 21 Real Estate Alliance

With 48 years in the real estate business, there are few perspectives more seasoned than Kate Davey’s. In fact, many younger agents look to Kate for advice on how to succeed in the hyper-competitive San Jose market. In the past two years, she’s received the unique distinction of both Centurion and Double Centurion as a real estate broker and Vice President of her firm. Fueled by her passion to connect clients with their dream homes, Kate has put together a winning strategy to achieve the highest value deals for whomever she is searching for.

Rodger Shaheen

19. Rodger Shaheen, Coldwell Banker Realty

As a native of San Jose, Rodger Shaheen has extensive familiarity with the ins and outs of his hometown’s real estate market. Rodger takes this unique knowledge and perspective and weds it with superior ability in sales. With this unique toolkit, Rodger is able to accomplish such feats as selling 17 units in the last 24 months, earning him millions in sales. He is currently ranked among the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker real estate agents nationwide. Rodger ensures top-tier customer service in pursuit of the most competitive deals.

Joe Ventura

18. Joe Ventura, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate J.F. Finnegan

Coming from a successful real estate family, Joe Ventura is poised to build upon his upbringing and carve out his own path. His family’s business – Ventura Barnett Properties – provided Joe with early education on the dos and don’ts of real estate in San Jose. Applying the lessons learned and their distinct family values, Joe has been able to find remarkable success as an independent Realtor. In fact, he closed 24 deals in 24 months. Joe received his bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from San Jose State University.

Arlene Finney

17. Arlene Finney, Sereno

Arlene Finney is among the most influential agents in today’s San Jose real estate market. With a reputation that precedes her, Arlene sells 53% faster than the average Realtor. In fact, in the past two years alone, Arlene has closed an impressive 28 deals. However, she never compromises on customer service and it shows. Under her leadership, her firm sustains an 83% referral rate, among the highest in the state. Arlene is dedicated to providing an efficient and productive experience for her clients in their search for their dream homes.

Kraig Constantino

16. Kraig Constantino, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

A professional baseball player turned real estate expert, Kraig Constantino has incorporated his perseverance and strategic thinking into his second career venture. His competitive edge has led to 27 units sold in the last 24 months, earning him a top spot among agents in the hyper-competitive San Jose market. Over his 26-year career, Kraig has always been a heavy hitter, batting in millions of dollars in sales year after year. Perhaps most importantly, Kraig’s customer service is second to none. He puts in overtime to make sure that he lands the most competitive deals for his clients.

Patrick and Monica Farnsworth

15. Patrick and Monica Farnsworth, Farnsworth Team

Patrick and Monica Farnsworth are award-winning Realtors who epitomize dedication to the industry. Working in San Jose’s Willow Glen area since 1986, they’ve acquired a wealth of expertise of the local market. Joining Sereno in 2012, the Farnsworth Team continues to be among the top real estate groups in San Jose. Patrick and Monica have been together since 1969 and have been a team ever since. Patrick’s meticulous nature fits well with negotiations and the intricacies of the real estate process. Monica lends her warm personality to make sure that their clients always get the highest level of service that can be delivered.

Scott and Diane Grant, Bonnie Griffith and Ron Jones

14. Scott and Diane Grant, Bonnie Griffith and Ron Jones, Grant, Griffith & Jones

Established in 1985, the team of Grant, Griffith & Jones has been delivering excellent service to Silver Creek Valley for 37 years. Led by Scott and Diane Grant, Bonnie Griffith and Ron Jones, they have ranked among the top 1,000 agents in America by The Wall Street Journal and are part of the top 1% of brokers nationwide. With over $850 million in combined sales, the team is known for anticipating every client’s needs and fulfilling them accordingly. Specializing in luxury real estate, they are unmatched in providing an unprecedented level of expertise.

Erika Carrasco

13. Erika Carrasco, The Carrasco Team

Erika Carrasco’s extensive knowledge of the San Jose area is a strength that has propelled her real estate career to great heights. A seasoned professional in the market with 17 years of experience, Erika has been recognized as a top producer in the Santa Clara Valley since 2015 and was named one of the 250 Best Latino Agents by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. She leads the Erika Carrasco Team, committed to upholding and helping the best interests of each client, while nurturing relationships for both now and in the future.

Enrique Medellin

12. Enrique Medellin, TEAM PRG

CEO of PRG Real Estate, Enrique Medellin’s mission is to encourage, motivate and boost people to live meaningful lives both personally and professionally. A dynamic circle of expert Realtors, Team PRG is Silicon Valley’s top real estate group. With over 30 years of combined experience, its members deliver extraordinary results in each and every transaction. Enrique pushes his group to leave a legacy of quality service, true commitment, and passion. The team works as one in anticipating the needs of their clients and ensuring that every deal is treated efficiently.

Brad Gill

11. Brad Gill, The Brad Gill Team

Among the top 1% of all agents in Silicon Valley, Brad Gill is dedicated to providing service with heart. He is a second-generation broker, learning the essentials of real estate from his father in his early childhood. Now leading the Brad Gill Team, he and his group are committed to delivering service with integrity, professionalism, and efficiency. What sets them apart is their ability to evolve with the times in order to provide the most relevant service possible. Brad is a devoted family man and treats clients like they are a member of his own brood.

Sunnie Li

10. Sunnie Li, Sala

Real estate has always been Sunnie Li’s passion and calling. Driven by her natural inclination to succeed, Sunnie is dedicated to mastering her craft through advancements in technology and innovation. Her fluency in Mandarin and English helps her acquire a diverse clientele both locally and internationally. She is a co-founder of SALA Homes, a top-notch real estate team based in Silicon Valley with the commitment to deliver service like no other. Sunnie and her group also give back to the community through their involvement in volunteer activities and various projects in the San Jose area.

Jordan Mott

9. Jordan Mott, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Jordan Mott is a rising star in the San Jose real estate world. Boasting nearly 50 closed deals in the last year alone, Jordan has garnered various distinctions, including his placement among the top 30 Realtors under 30, nationally. His pedigree also includes the title of #1 agent at Intero Willow Glen, as well as #127 among individual Realtors in all of California. Despite only 8 years in the industry, Jordan is now among the most coveted agents in the area. He uses his fresh perspective to ensure a professional and successful experience for all his customers.

Helen Chong

8. Helen Chong, Haylen Real Estate Investments

Helen Chong has helped hundreds of clients reach financial independence through real estate investments. Growing up with financial difficulties, Helen made it her mission to educate people in making sound decisions that will greatly benefit their monetary security. For Helen, it’s not just about being able to buy or sell, but knowing how and why. As part of her strategic vision, Helen founded the Haylen Group, which is committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding results. This dynamic team of professionals has sold over 360 properties with more than $410 million in combined sales.

Samit Shah

7. Samit Shah, Samit Shah Team

With their unrivaled negotiation and marketing strategies, The Samit Team is 5-star royalty and part of the Top 1% of producers in the real estate business. The group is under the leadership of Samit Shah, who brings more than 8 years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and market expertise to the table. Samit’s relentless pursuit of excellence has helped him be ranked among the top 0.5% of the 1.4 million Realtors throughout the U.S. He continuously pushes the team to strive for top-notch quality service, making each and every client their #1 priority.

Alexandra Zhou

6. Alexandra Zhou, Morgan Real Estate

Alexandra Zhou is a real estate agent who sold nearly 40 homes in the last year alone. Alexandra takes her degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University and puts it to her advantage. Using advanced technology, Alexandra is able to target and facilitate the most competitive deals for her clients. Her success has inevitably led to acclaim in the Realtor field. This includes ranking among Newsweek’s top Realtors both state and nationwide. On top of her technical know-how, Alexandra is a certified loan consultant who makes sure her clients optimize not just their choice of property, but its financial performance as well.

Thao Dang and Brian Ng

5. Thao Dang and Brian Ng, Block Change Real Estate

Block Change Real Estate is Silicon Valley’s premier real estate team. Under the leadership of Thao Dang and Brian Ng, the group has been among the top producers in the industry for more than 36 years, and was recognized as the #1 team in the U.S. and world. Reputable agents Thao and Brian are game-changers in the first-class luxury real estate market. Thao has been in the industry since 1983 and has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the business. Brian’s impeccable negotiating skills and results-driven management are second to none. Their partnership drives the company’s success in delivering superior customer service.

Valerie Mein

4. Valerie Mein, Intero - A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Valerie Mein is among the bellwether agents in San Jose’s Willow district. With 500 units sold, Valerie has a reputation as an expert Realtor in the district’s ultra-competitive market. In 2020, Valerie was ranked among the top 100 Bay Area agents in terms of sales volume. She is consistently recognized by RealTrends as one of the top 250 agents nationwide and has won the prestigious International Society of Excellence award. Her excellent service often results in enthusiastic referrals from her innumerable satisfied clients. Valerie knows exactly what it takes to put you in your dream home.

Mike Ramos

3. Mike Ramos, Momentum Realty

Bay Area native Mike Ramos is an industry veteran with 16 years of success as a top Realtor. He attended San Jose State University, earning his degree in business administration, which helped give him the knowledge to assemble teams of diversely talented agents across 3 states. Mike is a founding partner of Momentum Realty, which has ranked among the Top 100 teams in the nation for the past 7 consecutive years. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients get the best they deserve. Mike currently lives in Santana Row with his wife, Kristin.

Mo  Bani-Taba

2. Mo Bani-Taba, Mo Bani-Taba

Senior Real Estate Specialist Mo Bani-Taba is a leading expert in negotiations, management, remodeling, and construction work for both residential and commercial properties. Recognized by San Jose Magazine as heading up an Elite team, Mo is a visionary who is determined to provide unmatched customer service and deliver the best real estate experience possible. He is part of the esteemed firm Compass as a Team Leader & Broker Associate in their Willow Glen office. This move has changed the trajectory of Mo’s career, setting an even higher standard for him and his group.

Zaid Hanna

1. Zaid Hanna, Real Estate 38

Established in 2014 by Zaid Hanna, The Hanna Group of Real Estate 38 is the leading broker team in San Jose, and among the top 1% of performers nationwide. The team epitomizes professionalism and dedication, making them one of the most successful in the business. Zaid is well-respected by his peers and colleagues in the industry for his notable work ethic and diligence. His eye for growth, innovation and continuous development is what sets him apart and makes him a consistent top producer. Zaid is committed to providing a top-notch real estate experience that is streamlined and seamless.